Take a deep breath and know you are so much more than “just enough”.
Let’s face it, life as a whole is a popularity contest. We did not make the rules, we just abide by them, which is crazy. Why have we invested so much energy into getting the approval of those we could care less about? By the way, who decided which individuals get to choose who is considered good enough to climb up the social food chain? One suck up sucking up to another suck up and so on and so on. It is exhausting having to be turned on all the time and never being able to be real. Real doesn’t make you popular, it makes you different, and different makes “society” nervous. Because if different becomes the norm “society” is in serious trouble.
So, you are not good enough to reach the hierarchy of acceptance. Who says you are not? Society? Let me tell you a secret about “society”. Society is a name a bunch of bullies have given themselves so that they can make the rules on what is pretty enough, what is smart enough and what is just enough. That way by making all the rules they are always what everyone else strives to be more like. In turn keeping themselves on top.Take a closer look at “society” and all you will see is a bunch of regular people just like you. They have not done anything extraordinary. They have all the same insecurities that you have. All the same problems and pretty much same lives. They have not cured cancer. They are not on the cover of magazines. They are not rocket scientists or ruling the world. The only thing they rule is their households, the same things you and I rule. They are just people who go to the grocery store and pay the same bills that you pay; except for some reason they feel they are superior beings. I have yet to find out what makes them superior. I’ve written a diverse amount of stories and no matter what, I have had responses from all members of society; which tells me deep down at the end of the day we are all the same.

Now let me tell you a secret about you. You are amazing. The people who love you for you, they know you are more than enough. They know you are the best. You are sunshine in someone else’s rainy day. You just made someone smile and you did not even know it. Society has no business making you feel inferior. No one does. And, maybe this elite group of bullies has convinced you that you need to be more, you do not. You are so much more than so many hope to be.

Next time you look in the mirror and see someone who is not enough, look again at all the things that you offer to so many people around you. Look at the substance that makes up your character. Look inside and see all the awesome things that those who do not appreciate you are missing. Take a deep breath and know you are so much more than – just enough.

By Krystral Cooper Christen for Odyssey