I am not the kind of girl who can ever be with you knowing that I’m simply an option. I’m a priority. Important. Not just a choice, but your first choice. I give a love that I expect to have reciprocated and if I don’t see it coming my way, I don’t see the point.

Which is why to have me you have to choose me every day, every single day, or you have to let me go.

And I know it’s not going to be easy. In fact, it’s probably going to be really hard. There will be days when we don’t want each other and when I don’t want you and when you won’t want me. There will be days when choosing me and accepting me and loving me feels like climbing a mountain. There will be days when you don’t want to love me, and I’ll expect you to love me anyway.

Because you need to choose me, even when faced with those hard times, or you need to let me find someone else who won’t balk at the battle.

I cannot promise to be your dream girl every day or promise that we’ll always have days that feel easy and effortless. Some days will be more tornados than sunshine, more rain than rainbows. But the true testament to real love, to a love worth having, is one’s willingness to weather the storm.

I need you to stay even when the road is rocky, or I need you to let my find my own path.

See, the thing about love that no one likes to admit is that at the very core of it, it’s a choice. It’s not just some chemical reaction to someone wonderful that you encounter and have no say or control over. It’s not something that just happens with no say. It’s an active choice you make that also happens to involve another person.

The first step to deciding to be with someone, is choosing to love them.
Which is why if you say you love me, and you say you’re going to be mine and I yours, I expect you to choose me every day.

Choose me on the days when I don’t feel like contouring and choose me on the days when everything is completely painted and lovely. Choose me on the days when I don’t know why I’m upset but I’m not bubbly or fun and choose me on the days when I can’t stop smiling. Choose me on the days when you say you don’t recognize me and choose me on the days when you can’t believe we hadn’t met sooner.

Choose me. Accept me. Love me. Without question and without limitations.

Choose me every day, or let me go forever.
Let me go and find a love that is everything I want and dream about and hope for. Let me go and find someone who is not afraid of rain or sadness or bad times. Let me go and find a person who is ready to be mine no matter what.

If you aren’t ready to choose me, you aren’t ready to love me.

It’s as simple as that.

Choose me every day, or let me go forever.
Because that, my darling, is what I will promise (every day) to do for you.

By Claire Windsor for ThoughtCatalog