Scorpio’s are like scorpions in the sense that their love can burn with intensity—sometimes painfully. However, you may be able to avoid virtually any pain at all by following the info and insights below; love can be like life itself to a Scorpio.

#1: Love must be passionate.

For Scorpios, love isn’t like it is in the movies—it’s far more intense! Scorpios want to love your body, mind, and soul, and in order to do so genuinely, they need to know everything about your body, mind, and soul. This can take a lot of time, but it always involves a lot of enjoyment as well.

#2: Scorpios aren’t easily impressed.

However, they don’t mind it if you try, and they’ll probably actually appreciate the effort immensely. Scorpios are attracted to intelligent, talented, and insightful human beings, so there’s no need to prove yourself (if you don’t enjoy trying to).

#3: Love can’t be controlling.

Well, at least it can’t be controlled by you. Even though it might be a little selfish, Scorpios usually insist on being the more controlling person in a relationship. Yet, they don’t want to be all-controlling or overly-controlling; plus, no one’s perfect (and you just might enjoy letting someone else drive for a change).

#4: Embrace mysteriousness.

It’s important not to confuse mystery with deception, but the latter is appreciated and enjoyed by Scorpios very much. This goes along with liking things a little on the spontaneous side, but it also has a lot to do with wanting to keep life interesting, original, and all-around enjoyable.

#5: Embrace loyalty.

There’s usually no need to worry at all about a Scorpio betraying you, and there’s usually no good reason to ever betray a Scorpio. Once you’ve earned a Scorpio’s trust it will never be questioned until it’s been proven unfaithful; reciprocate this philosophy and you’re not likely to be disappointed (or unhappy).

#6: Don’t ask for forgiveness.

This is another example of the fact that no human being—and no cosmological sign—is perfect. In fact, Scorpios have been known to be vengeful or even ruthless after being betrayed. However, just be a good person and you’ll be fine!

#7: Emotions must be intense.

Scorpios experience extreme emotions partly because they fall under a water sign. Yet, if you support them and remind them how good they are—and how good life with them is—then you can help a Scorpio find emotional balance (whether they’re too high or too low).

#8: Almost-equality.

As mentioned, Scorpios tend to insist on being the driver in the relationship most of the time (even if it’s only 51% of the time). Although this isn’t true equality, if it’s close enough for you then you just might end up enjoying the ride of life even more; being in the passenger seat and riding shotgun isn’t that bad, is it?

#9: Tolerate independence.

Scorpios are independent, ambitious, fearless, and resourceful, so don’t be offended if they don’t actually need you in their life. Besides, relationships work better when both people are happy on their own before they become happy with each other anyway.

#10: Tolerate jealousy.

Again, Scorpios aren’t perfect—but they are jealous fairly often. However, try to keep in mind that Scorpios only get jealous because they love you so much and they don’t want to risk losing you. If you can handle this character flaw, then you could be extremely happy alongside a Scorpio.

#11: Sun-sign sex.

Scorpio is also a sign of the sun—and Scorpio is also known to be the best sign when it comes to sex. It probably has something to do with the double-punch combo of passionate love and intense loyalty, but it also has something to do with the tendency of Scorpios to devote 100% of their focus and energy on their partners while engaged in coitus.

By iRelease