Tragically, it seems that the deeper you are as a human being the more difficult it is for you to find meaningful, lasting love. More specifically, it’s particularly hard for deep women to locate a man who can truly make them happy and successful—please read the list below in order to learn and comprehend the important reasons and details behind this unhappy truth.

#1: Deep questions.
Deep women want to know who their partner genuinely is as a human being, who they truly want to become, and where they’d like to end up in life. Unfortunately, too many men haven’t even considered these things.

#2: Utter honesty.
Advice is a powerful gift, and deep women understand that they must provide sound—and honest—answers and feedback if their advice is to maintain its integrity. Sadly, too many men don’t want to hear the truth (or can’t handle the truth).

#3: Precise desires.
Deep women know what they want in life and who they want in life. This makes it impossible for many men to get away with being approximately what deep women—which too many men can’t handle (or don’t want to).

#4: Deep relationships.
Just as deep women want to know who their partners truly are, they also want to know what their relationships really are and where they are likely headed in the long-term. But again, too many men don’t consider things like this enough.

#5: Open intimacy.
This also means open honesty and not holding back any genuine feelings or emotions in general. This scares the heck out of many men, and brings terrifying ends to many relationships.

#6: “Telepathic” abilities.
Deep women may not actually be able to read minds, but they are definitely able to scrutinize gestures, words, and actions, and then utilize deductive reasoning to be able to uncover any truths which are being withheld. Many men can’t be in a relationship if they can’t be deceptive about aspects of it, so they just can’t be with any respectable deep woman.

#7: Consistency is demanded.
This either means that a deep woman’s partner is either erratic in general or experiencing health issues, but either way, if her partner isn’t willing to get healthy then a deep woman will have to look elsewhere for love.

#8: Deep intensity.
Deep women are naturally intense, and this can be too intimidating or forward for many men to live with or enjoy. But if you aren’t focused on your partner and your relationship enough to speak and act seriously about them—then what’s the point anyway?

#9: Deep love.
Casual really isn’t in most deep women’s vocabularies (at least not in the “positive” section). If a deep woman doesn’t love you deeply—or if you don’t love her deeply—then she’ll give you the option of being good friends or parting entirely (but she won’t give you the option of remaining in a romantic relationship with her).

#10: No waiting.
If you don’t love a deep woman after you get to know her, then you won’t love her once you get to know her even more deeply. As such, a deep woman will opt to begin searching for someone who can make her genuinely happy pronto.

By iRelease