It’s pretty easy to hook a guy with your good looks and flawless physique, but getting a guy to develop a deep emotional bond with you is definitely the way to win his heart. Emotional attachment is what makes him want to spend the rest of his life with you, and makes him go out of his way to make you happy, and leaves him yearning to spend as much quality time with you as possible. No matter how long you’ve been in a relationship, it’s never too soon to start increasing the emotional intimacy to ensure his love for you never dies. If you’re ready for the type of love that never falters throughout the years, keep reading to see the 12 ways you can make your guy feel emotionally attached to you.

1. Praise Him

Whether he convinced his boss to give him a raise or he just scored a triple-double during a weekend pickup game of basketball, make sure to praise your guy for all of his accomplishments. As he makes his way through his hectic everyday life, he will feel secure knowing he has you, his number one fan, cheering him on. He will ultimately feel like he can conquer anything in the world as long as he has you in his life. Giving him praise for his actions will only drive him to want to excel in every area of his life, including his relationship. He will go out of his way to please you and make sure that you’re happy as long as he can get a pat on the back when it’s all said and done! He won’t be able to stop himself from feeling even more drawn to you, because receiving your praise will be his ultimate goal. The emotional intimacy and bond will slowly build up over time.

2. Spice It Up

They say variety is the spice of life, and shaking things up in your relationship will definitely deepen the emotional bond between you and your guy. But when we say “spice” we’re not talking about a a dash of black pepper, we’re talking about igniting the flame and heating things up in the bedroom! It’s all about being adventurous and trying something new that your man has never experienced with any other woman. Whenever he thinks about the intimate moments the two of you have shared, he’ll solely be thinking about you! But this isn’t a one-way street, darling. Make sure you express your desires as well. If the two of you can mutually please each other and fulfill the others’ fantasies, you will continue to grow closer and closer together. So make an effort to discuss your wants and needs, and explore your intimacy. It will strengthen your emotional bond even further.

3. Encourage Him to Open Up

Now that you’ve revealed one of your hidden talents, it’s time to encourage him to open up on a deeper level. But poking and prodding him to spill his guts will surely lead you down a road to disaster. Just remember, most men are not as open with their thoughts and their feelings like women are. Allow him to divulge bits and pieces of his past to you at his own pace. This is a process that can take months or even years. You’re in this for the long haul, right? So there really isn’t any rush in making him tell you his whole life story all at once. When he does begin to open up, encourage him to discuss how those experiences changed him. When he starts to let his guard down, and he begins to let you get a glimpse at the more personal side of his life, your emotional bond will continue to strengthen.

4. Be Accepting

If your guy is on guard because you’re constantly belittling and judging him about every little thing, he won’t be as willing to become emotionally attached to you. Being accepting of him and his choices in life shows that you support him and will stand by his side no matter what. Of course, if he is doing something detrimental to himself or to the relationship, then by all means, it’s time for you to speak up. But if he likes wearing socks with his sandals, is it really going to be the end of the world? His exes probably refused to leave the house with him dressed like that. But you? You’re different! Let him express his individuality, and if he knows that he has a loving woman by his side who will be there for him not matter what, he will feel much closer to you on an intimate and emotional level.

5. Soft Touches

Emotional intimacy builds over time with a little bit of help from the physical side of things. Men are accustomed to rough housing. They spend the majority of their childhood and teenage years getting bumped around, bruised, and breaking bones while playing contact sports and while goofing off with their friends. So when he chooses to be in a relationship, he will crave the kind of soft and gentle touches he probably hasn’t felt since the days when he was just a small child. As you go in for a hug before he heads out for work, allow your touch to linger as you slowly pull yourself away from him. He’ll be thinking about you all day long and counting down the hours until he can experience that soft touch once again. The way you caress him will become addicting, and he will forever want to be in your presence.

6. Keep His Secrets

The ultimate sign of trust is when you are able to keep all of your guy’s secrets between the two of you. Unless he has a hidden double life as a serial killer, or his secret will somehow be detrimental to your life, anything that he shares with you in confidence should never be shared with another soul. When he knows that he can go to you and share whatever is on his mind, you will become his sounding board, his best friend, and his sole confidante. He will never feel the need to stray away from you if he truly believes in his heart that he can trust you. If he knows deep down inside that you won’t blab his inner most thoughts to your mom, all of your girlfriends, and to everyone on your Facebook friend’s list, he will let down his guard as he slowly becomes even more emotionally attached to you.

7. Become His Safe Place

His day started off pretty horribly. He spilled his iced coffee just seconds after the barista handed it to him through the drive-thru window, he got into an intense email battle with a colleague, and he was inches from being rear ended while fighting traffic on his way home. But as soon as he entered your home, he walked straight into his safe haven. This scenario is exactly how your guy should feel every single day. He’ll be scrambling to get home to you because being with you gives him a sense of emotional and physical safety. Your arms keep him secure, your kiss can ease his fears, and laying his head on your chest makes him feel protected from the world. You’re never quick to judge him, you never spill his secrets, and you fulfill all of his fantasies on a whim. You’re practically his dream girl at this point, and your emotional bond is something that will never be broken!