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If He’s Not Doing These 8 Things, He’s Not Really Into You

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When you’re first actually getting to know a guy, it’s hard to tell whether he’s looking at you as long-term material, or as just a quick lay. It should go without saying that actions speak louder than words when trying to find out where you stand. If he’s not doing all of these things, he’s probably not really feeling it:

1. TEXTING YOU FREQUENTLY. Seriously, when a guy is seriously into you, he won’t wait a day or two to text. Hell, you might have a problem trying to get him to stop texting during work hours! If he’s not texting, he’s not into you.

2. ACTUALLY MAKING TIME FOR YOU. It doesn’t matter if he’s a Fortune 500 exec or works a day job and a PT overnight gig — he’ll carve out a chunk of his schedule for you if he likes you. If you keep getting told that he’s busy, he’s blowing you off.

3. THINKING ABOUT COMMITMENT. Commitment won’t be scary for guys who are actually seriously infatuated with a girl. Don’t accept excuses. Even the most commitment-phobic guys want to have the woman they love as a girlfriend.

4. WANTING TO BE SEEN WITH YOU IN PUBLIC. Is he constantly arranging dates at home? If so, chances are that he’s trying to see you on the sly. You don’t need that. A guy who’s really into you will want to show you off to others because he’ll see you as a prize. If he’s not acting that way, you’re not his queen.

5. SHOWING YOU OFF TO FRIENDS AND FAMILY. Once again, this is a sign that he wants to get serious with you. If he’s blatantly trying to hide you from his friends and family, it’s a sign that you’re not in his long term plans. It’s also a sign that you might be the side chick.


6. GOING THE EXTRA MILE TO PROVE HIS WORTH. Is he wining and dining you at fancy restaurants? Is he texting you goodnight, or giving you presents “just because”? That’s a sign that he really does want to be with you. After all, why would he do all that work if he wasn’t trying to lock it down?

7. APOLOGIZING WHEN HE MESSES UP & NEVER DOING IT AGAIN. A lot of guys who screw up royally will apologize, only to do even worse things later on. If a guy actually works hard to improve things between you, he might actually be seriously into you. This doesn’t mean you should give him a second chance, though… Just sayin.’


8. STAYING TO HANG OUT/CUDDLE AFTER SEX. Does he insist on pillow talk? Is he OK with meeting up just so that you two can watch a band play at a local bar? These are pretty good indicators that he views you as more than just a sexual object.

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