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You Hurt Me, My Dear…

you hurt me
Written by Nela Baricevic

I hear you want me back my dear. That’s why I decided to write to you. I hear you miss me, my dear. Well, according to that, I have something to say to you. You don’t deserve me to come back to you. It’s because you hurt me. You hurt me bad, and now I have to admit that I don’t see us back ever again. Ever.

Can you please take a second to think about how you treated me the last few months? Can you please help me understand did I deserved it? By which I deserved it?

I remember how I felt when I met you. I remember how I felt like I’m in heaven. First time I saw you, the first time you bring me in your arms – it feels like I’m up there. In heaven’s arms.

I must ask you… why did you hurt me? Why did you find it OK to knock me down, and to make me look at the floor all day long?

Don’t you know how painful it was? How weak was I feeling? How broken?

You don’t my dear. And that’s the problem. Well, now I’m going to tell you. I’m going to tell you that I believed in you. In our future together. You and me. Our kids. And a family dog. What more can you wish for? What more did you want for which you thought I can’t give you?

You hurt me, my dear. Don’t you hear me? It still hurts me. But somehow I’m holding onto the memories of our golden days. I still remember when you were the one that I need, and that was not because you had to, but because you wanted to. And I hope one day you will come to me saying – I know I made a mistake. I hope that would be the day in which you’ll tell me – I was so wrong. But maybe this will stay only a wish, and that’s OK too. I will learn how to live with it. After all, people are capable of getting used to almost anything.

But no, we won’t get back together. Don’t even think about it. There’s no need for this. We can’t get back together. Just imagine me coming back to you after all the pain. After all the time in which you never find it important to answer my calls, to prepare me a lunch or dinner or something. Just imagine how you treated me like I was nothing.

Well, I’m tired of being nothing. You hurt me. Do you hear me? You hurt me so bad and I never be able to forgive you completely. Maybe one day I’ll forget you. That would be totally fine. But I don’t see I will be able to do it. To forget about your existence.

And to be honest, I’m writing this not just for you, but for women who are in the same or similar situation. I’m writing this to show them they have a choice, and that choice is freedom. How sweet this word sounds. How sweet now when I have it. My freedom. Possibility to do whatever I want to.

So, my girls, my women, if your guy hurts you like he hurt me, I advise you to let go of it. Don’t stay in a relationship holding only to memories of your beginning. Believe me, every beginning is nice and sweet and full of love. Every. But what is really important is what’s going next… after the beginning.

If he doesn’t treat you the way you deserve to be treated there’s no point in holding to memories and hoping it will get better. Sometimes bad words leave marks on you that needs a long time to vanish. And of course, it is possible that they won’t vanish ever.

And you know what? You deserve more than that. A lot more. You can have a life which you were dreaming about as a child. As a little girl. You can. Of course, it takes courage, but at the end, you’ll know it was worth it.

Don’t you ever put yourself in a position from which you don’t know how to go on. Every step of your way you must know you have a choice, and you have the power to make that choice become your reality.

I can see you want to tell him – You hurt me, so go on and tell him. Tell him he has broken a heart that was once beating for him. But after it broke, it becomes different. Much colder. Distant. Much stubborn.

By his behavior, he wished for it. He gave you nothing but tears. Don’t you ever forget that. You can forget his face, his lies, his bad and ugly words, but you can’t forget what he promised, but never really did.

And for you guy, if you ever wonder how can someone just stops loving you, I will tell you how. You deserved it. No matter how strong she was loving you, your hate was stronger. Your hate was somehow always stronger than her love.

I know why, and I’ll tell you my dear-ex. It’s because you made her, you made me, weak by your actions. You made her insecure about herself. That’s how you broke her, and now you want her back? Now, you want me back my dear-ex?

Don’t you make me laugh, please. It’s just impossible. And I believe I don’t have to tell you why, you already know why. It would be pretty unpolite if you would really wait for my answer. You won’t get it. I have only these three words for you – you hurt me.

I know most girls find it difficult to decide and to do it. To walk away. To vanish. The first and main reason for that is that they still miss him. The person he used to be. They still think there is a great chance for him to get back on his previous behavior, but I know there’s not. I know, ’cause I tried.

I know most girls stick to earlier promises. And I know ’cause I used to be that kind of girl. But not anymore.

Because of that, now I will repeat once again to all the girls out there who are thinking what to do. To all the girls out there who are thinking about leaving him or not – if this is not your first time in which you’re thinking about leaving, then do it. Then it means nothing’s going the way it should and you’re just wasting your time by staying. It is the worst option, my dear.

Sometimes, or better to say many times, the tears are the even better option than that. Believe me, I know, because I tried both ways. As you have read earlier he wants me back. But, he never really takes a minute to think about what I think. He never really calls me to apologize. To say – I’m sorry. That kind of person doesn’t deserve my trust. A long time ago, he lost it. He lost the love that I had for him. I lost the previous picture of him that I had in my mind.

Now he’s nothing. Nothing serious. Nothing important.

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