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Why Do We Fall For Bad Boys?

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Written by Lejla

What is it about men with dark personalities that make women fall for them? Without a doubt, something about bad boys is completely appealing to women. But of what does that appeal consists? What makes us like them even with our better judgment? Even when we know for sure that they are no good for us?

Is it the unpredictability of it all? The thrill of danger? Bad boys are wild and uncontrollable. Maybe the thrill of taming them is what adds to their appeal even more. But is that it or are they actually more attractive than other boys?

They are. Most bad boys have narcissistic traits, and those traits make them work hard for clothing themselves fashionably and having amazing hair. Also, bad boys have seemingly infinite amounts of confidence, thus a more confident body language. Confidence is attractive, no matter what anyone says.

With that, bad boys can actually have a good time. They are a bit of daredevil and like to go on an adventure. Although at times this can seem immature, it also implies at better traits. Such as independence and bravery. They spark our need for adventure as well, make us excited but fearful of the outcome of the adventure.

On the more hidden reason behind dating bad boys habitually, can be the fear of commitment. Bad boys are known for being non-committal. Not that every good guy is up for marriage, but with bad boys you definitely know where you stand. They are great for flings. So, maybe the habit of dating bad boys is because they are emotionally unavailable and non-committal. Meaning, you’re simply not ready for commitment just as them.

Bad boys simply ooze charm. They know what to say at the exact moment it needs to be said. And their ‘devil may care’ attitude makes them appear honest. It is hard to believe nice guys, simply because they seem less..genuine. Even if they are truthful. With bad boys, on the other hand, you don’t need to worry as much. They simply do not care enough to lie. They are blunt and will not sugar coat it…at least they seem that way. Don’t forget, bad boys will lead you on if a chance presents itself. Sometimes, their bluntness and honesty are all fake.

They are very closed off and represent a mystery to us. You constantly wonder what are they thinking and feeling. It can make our mind crazy with wondering and wanting them to feel the same. Bad boys can be very elusive.

For whatever reason they attract us, it is mostly superficial. Sure, who doesn’t want some adventure? But bad boys are called bad for a reason. They are not boyfriend material, well, most of them anyway. Still, it is sometimes essential for our well being to search for someone we need, not want. Nice guys can be seen as bland and boring, but they probably harbor some genuine emotions for you. Look past the superficial allure of bad boys and the seeming boredom that we associate good guys with.

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