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What Men Want In a Relationship? Check This 10 Things!

What Men Want In a Relationship
Written by Nela Baricevic

For those women who ask themselves what men want in a relationship, here they can search for an answer. This 10 things will show you what most men want from women they love. How can this help you? Well, figuring out what your boyfriend or husband wants, can open a completely new world of emotions for you. This could be of help for both of you. It could improve your relationship and make you want each other more. Don’t you think so?

1. Don’t be disrespectful to him! There is a huge possibility that you are just trying to be helpful, but for some men, even that is sometimes too much! Because most time they feel that by this you are questioning their competence. Most men want women who will appreciate their help, who will believe in their words, as well as their decisions. There is no doubt that you can be that woman, but you must know how not to overreact with comments, explanations, and giving different solutions that they’re giving.

2. Stand on his side! Man find it very important to know they can count on their women in any situation. According to this, let him know he has you by his side. Don’t just stand there thinking about what men want in a relationship. Try to see it. Then, try to give it to him. Nothing bad will happen if you fail because it will be worse if you don’t even try.

3. Make him smile! Men love when women can make them smile. They love to see you care about his feelings and you will do your best to make him smile when he’s down. If you let him feel bad about himself or something he’s going through then he will become insecure about what he will get, or to say it differently – about what he can expect from you.

4. Give him freedom so he can follow his dreams! No doubt you are his favorite person to spend his free time with but don’t find it offensive if he has something he wanna do apart from that. Something that is not including you. Don’t take it personally. It’s not that you’re not fun enough, or interesting enough for him – it’s just his need to have something for himself. It will make his day and then he will come home much happier, much satisfied. Try to acknowledge it’s good for the both of you.

5. Communication is the key! Healthy communication between the two of you is often the key to have a great relationship full of trust and enjoyment. If you two don’t know how to communicate, then it’s better to work on it. And I mean it – for real. When it’s come to what men want in a relationship, the first and main answer is healthy communication. Because there’s just a no better way to get to know each other and to appreciate what you have built.

6. Don’t push him to do things he’s not good at! Please, don’t be that kind of women who will do their best to push men to do things they don’t want to just so that they can say their female friends that he always listens to them. Not nice. And I mean it – not nice at all! Appreciate your man, and put his feelings as a priority. It’s important for both of you to be ready for a compromise. For sure, what men want in a relationship is exactly appreciation that goes from both sides.

7. Instead of pushing him to do things he’s not good at, try to give him support to the do things he’s good at even better! You chose him, and you should support him. OK, he’s not a child that has to be supported all the time, but show your excitement about his accomplishments. Show him you care! There’s no better way to get closer to each other. Support is surely one of the things between what men want in a relationship.

8. Don’t be his mother, be his partner! Most women tend to act like mothers to their husbands or boyfriends. And as you guess, they don’t like it at all. They already have their mothers, now they need wives and girlfriends which will be their partners in crime. Don’t wait in the same line as his mother trying to give him another lesson. He’s a grown-up man! He doesn’t need your lesson, he needs your hand to help him get through life’s difficulties. He needs it as much as you need his hand when life gets hard to you. Well, don’t be surprised if he’s mad all the time because of you trying to control him. Rather spend an hour or two alone, thinking about this problem. If you keep asking yourself what men want in a relationship – I’ll tell you what. They want a girlfriend, no a mother.

9. Stand by his side when he’s down! Don’t think that only because he’s man, he can take it all by himself. Many, many times men need support, and that’s when it’s time for a woman to react. How would you feel if you were down and your partner don’t take it seriously and don’t think that you need any kind of help? It would be a disaster, right? So, don’t do it to him. Be kind. Love him. Support him when bad days knock on his doors. That’s why he got you, that’s why you got him too.

10. Don’t make him feel bad because of his work! When he has to go, instead of saying – Again?, try to show him you understand. It shouldn’t be too hard to realize that if he has to go, he goes for the both of you so that you can have a better life. Just think about your work and imagine your boss asks you to stay longer and you know that you have to say yes, but at the same time, you know your husband will be mad of you for staying at work for too long. Can you see now how difficult this could be?

Each time you are ready to get mad because of something he said or did to you, go through these 10 things what men want in a relationship, and ask yourself once again if you’re maybe overreacting or acting childish.

Communication is the key! Note this to yourself. Don’t ever doubt it. Plus, don’t forget about understanding, support, appreciation and – smile. Give him exactly what you would like to get from him in return. You can’t ask for something, which you don’t give. It’s an obvious thing, isn’t it? We’re all different but in the end, we all seek for similar things in life – happiness, understanding, and support. Once again, give it so you can receive it. Try to be bigger then you’re doubts and fears. Nothing great is coming from it. It’s the opposite. Appreciate and you will be appreciated. Love and you will be loved. Support and you will be supported. Kiss and you will be kissed. It is. It’s so simple when you put it this way.

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