11 Types Of Exes

types of exes
Written by Lejla

After the breakup, our once loving and devoted significant other will transform into an ex. Even if the breakup was not so bad and traumatizing, he is still an ex. Unfortunately, until we find the one that is completely right for us, we will have quite some number of failed relationships behind. With those failed relationships, come also a number of ex-boyfriends. So, here’s 11 types of exes:

The Ex With Benefits

The love you had is gone, at least the platonic kind. However, the physical attraction is very much still there. You are not friends with benefits because you have no interest in hanging out with them…there are just benefits.

The Angry One

Maybe the breakup was your fault or they can’t get over a breakup normally. This type will throw a rage fit everytime your name is mentioned. They’ll leave you offensive texts, filled with disgust and bitterness. Their love is easily turned into hate. Just keep your distance and let them cool off.

The One That Got Away

Even when you are in a happy relationship, you still wonder about what-ifs. He had all you were searching for in a man, however, the timing was simply bad.

The Cringe One

Every time you remember dating him, you in involuntarily cringe. At the time you were dating him, you were blinded by love. Now that the blindness is gone, you see all his weird behavior and alarms that should have made you see this sooner. He is the one that taught you to never turn a blind eye to something that doesn’t sit well with you.

The Gay One

You dated him for a while, everything was fine and dandy… until he came out of the closet. It made you question if it was you that influenced his sexuality. But, over time you realized that a person’s sexuality is their thing, it has nothing to do with you.

The One That Moved On With The Speed Of Lightning

The name says it all. This one has moved on from your relationship fast, he is probably married already. You might feel confused and forgotten, especially if you are still searching and single. But, if he was right for you, you would have stayed with him.

The Stalk-ish One

This guy texts you and calls you non-stop. You see him everywhere, suddenly you turn around and there he is. Smiling and waving, trying to talk to you. He made you look over your shoulder every once in a while. It is all fun and games until he does not stop. Try letting him know that you are completely over and there is no chance of getting back together.

The Friend

In the contrast to the ex with benefits, this guy is your friend on only a platonic level. You didn’t work out as boyfriend and girlfriend, but you missed having conversations with him and hanging out. All chemistry is gone, but your friendship still blossoms.

The On and Off One

You always give him another chance and he always blows it up..again and again. You’ve probably mistaken him for The one that got away, however with this guy the timing is never right. Try to break the circle, no matter if he cheated or did you wrong, it did not work out. Maybe it is time to let him go.

The One You Hurt

This is the one you did wrong. It was you hurting him, not the other way around. You regret whatever you did wrong, but it is done now. You try to avoid him whenever you can, and when you can’t…the conversation is just awkward as hell.

The Forgotten One

Either your relationship was really short or happened a long time ago, you never think about him. He never comes to your mind and when someone mentions him, you need to think to remember him. It wasn’t that you didn’t feel strongly about him in the moment you were together, it was simply short-lived.

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