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Let Me Discover You How To Get a Guy To Notice You

How To Get a Guy To Notice You
Written by Nela Baricevic

Have you ever thinking about how to get a guy to notice you? How to catch his look and make him forget about all the rest? I know you have. But you obviously haven’t found an answer and that’s why you are here reading this article. In order to help you, try to use this simple steps that I have listed for you. Hope you’ll have fun.

Don’t put too much make-up. You may think make-up is an excellent choice but think again. No guy loves when he can’t see how you really look. It’s not that he’s scared that you’re ugly, it’s that most guys think girls look better wearing more natural look. So, if you really want to know how to get a guy to notice you try less make-up. Nothing scary in it. I promise!

Don’t wear clothes just in order to impress him! Also, don’t put on yourself clothes that you regularly don’t and won’t wear. Don’t make him meet you in wrong way because there is a big chance he will take you as a completely different person than you truly are! OK, it’s nice to try to look as better as you can, but that must include your original style. Don’t make your friends think: Who is this person? Get it?

Be kind to him! This is a step where cuteness overload is appreciated. Make him instantly feel special when he’s around you. Guys love to be noticed. So, by noticing him you will get what you want – make him notice you. Understand? If you’re working together and it’s a lunchtime, go to him and smile. Ask him for advice about food menu or something. If you’re going out with your friends and he’s there too, but the two of you haven’t spoken a word till now, try to get closer to him, and use the moment in which he’s standing alone aside to ask him whether he likes the music or not.

Don’t complicate using too personal questions, smiling and laughing – because it won’t look natural at all. You wonder how to get a guy to notice you – and the key, for sure, isn’t look as less natural as you can. It’s exactly opposite.

Don’t be too loud! OK, I can agree that the louder you get, the more people will notice you. But, not in a way that you want. Especially, when it comes to him! You want him to notice you as a special girl, and there is nothing wrong in it. At the end, he is special for you too, and that’s why you want to get as close as you can to him. But, instead of being too loud, try to be natural! Don’t put your voice on maximum level, don’t yell just to get all the attention on yourself. Take smart steps. Be clever, instead of loud, and I promise you it’s the answer on how to get a guy to notice you question!

Be funny! Guys love girls with a good sense for humor who can make them smile! Don’t be too serious. Believe me that guys rather love girls who are funny. If you can make him smile, do it. You don’t even have to meet him in person, to try it. Break the ice with a smile! There is no better way, anyway. Right?

Think about your good sides, and use them in order to impress him! What are your good sides? Can you sing? Are you a dancer or you are a movie lover? Talk about what you love and know a lot about. This way, you can be sure that he will notice a girl who is smart and can talk about themes, besides make-up and clothes. Of course, a real man doesn’t have anything against those themes as well, but it’s not their favorite and most of them simply can’t relate to it.

Stay close to him! Make sure you’re around him in every possible opportunity. Don’t think how it will look to him. Once again, you are reading how to get a guy to notice you and this way he surely will. Of course, you won’t asking questions all the time. You won’t constantly look him in the eyes. But you’ll be somewhere close as much as you can. Nothing wrong in it. If he finds you attractive, you can be sure he will decide to take a first open step. If you keep asking all the time if you’re doing the right thing, you will show him you’re insecure, and I’m sure it’s not what you want.

Be nice to his friends! If you know who are his friends I suggest you be nice to them. Especially, when he’s around too. No, not to make him jealous! Just to make him notice you think his circle of friends is interesting and fun. Don’t worry, with a few looks who are reserved just for him, he’ll know he’s the one that is special to you. Still searching for how to get a guy to notice you? Read this one once again.

Don’t try to control your every move! Enjoy your time, even when he is somewhere near. Make him feel special, but don’t make him feel that you are somehow obsessed with him. Show him you’re having fun, even though he’s not near you. Even though, he’s not even talking to you. Make him know that you know how to have fun on your own. It’ll make him want you even more. And you will not forget to be kind to yourself too. Because, at the end, you have to be your own priority. He, for sure, isn’t the only guy on the planet and which is important is that you put it that way in your mind now and for forever. Not just him. If you go to the next one, he’s not the only guy on the planet too.

Learn how to be the most important person to yourself, and only then think about others. It’s so simple. Because, if you don’t love yourself, how can you expect of someone else to love you the way you want to be loved?

Take a break! Don’t let yourself to constantly think about what you should or shouldn’t do. Please, don’t forget about yourself. It’s not all about how to get a guy to notice you. Do something for yourself. Put a little smile on your face while looking at a mirror. Because, even without him by your side, I know you’ll be fine. No, it’s not just him and it’s not the end of the world if the two of you don’t work out as you have expected. Your life has just begun, and you owe to yourself to be happy apart from that. To seek for a light.

My very last advice to you is to follow your heart but don’t push yourself to the blindness. Be gentle. Rather, save yourself from more pain, and tears then to stick around him all the time without him noticing you at all! Know your limit, and respect it! Limits are there to save you sometimes even from yourself. Believe me, it’s true!


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