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Does My Husband Love Me?

does my husband love me
Written by Nela Baricevic

If you are in a situation in which you can’t escape this question then you may be in a serious problem. Woman do not ask herself this question unless she has a strong reason for that. That’s why question – does my husband love me?, is a serious one, and now I’m gonna try to show you how you can get an answer.

Before that, relax. There is no point in surrounding yourself with stress and bad mood. You will get nothing positive from that. Just more pain and tears. So, first of all, in order to try and explain to you how you’ll know if your husband still loves you without asking it directly, you really need to relax.

Then, I would like to ask you to sit and read this by yourself. Make sure you’re not surrounded by people who will try to give you their point of view. I’m not telling they’re wrong, but I wanna try to give you some questions on which you’ll answer by yourself. To yourself.

There is no point in putting the blame. In searching for who’s wrong. No point in hiding the truth from yourself too. Your heart will know the right answer, and you, my dear, will know it too. So, now go through my questions and write down the answer which you’ll read later, and which will give you an answer to your – Does my husband love me? question.

When you are feeling that he’s ignoring your existence, what do you think, why does he do it? Does this is coming after a huge argue or is it his everyday route?

This question is not going to tell you exactly does he still loves you, but it will tell you why does he take a distance. Maybe you’re being too critical? If that’s the truth maybe he’s just avoiding more yelling and fighting?

Do you tell him you think that he works too much? Does he have a serious reason that, or you think this is his way to run from home? From you, to be truthful?

If you are feeling that he’s constantly running from something that something might be you, my dear. But it does not mean that he doesn’t love you at all. So, no. The positive answer to this question doesn’t mean he’s not loving you anymore. But this could mean you put too much pressure to him. Remember that you have just bought a new house, and a new car, of course. Don’t you see that he’s trying to earn money that you desperately need? Don’t be hard on him because of that. I can see that you miss him, but you must realize that it’s not that he doesn’t love you. It is exactly the opposite. Because when he works, he works for the both of you.

Do you get angry when he’s going out with his colleagues from work, or his friends instead of spending time with you?

Sure, you can think this. You can even cry because of it, and blame him. But, don’t go too far. Remember how much he works. He just needs some time off, it doesn’t mean that the answer to does my husband love me is yes! To be honest, I think he loves you. But he needs some time off of everything. Some time to get back in line.

If the previous one is true, you keep asking yourself why doesn’t he tell you he misses you and loves you too?

Have you forgotten my darlin’? Guys are not like women. They don’t say it aloud. But I’m sure if you put the blame aside, you’ll come to his feelings. You’ll realize he still has some strong feelings for you. Don’t ask yourself does my husband love me all the time. Rather ask yourself, how could the two of you help each other to meet your eyes, hands, and hearts again. To make them become one again.

If a husband doesn’t love his wife he wouldn’t mind about answering the phone, about coming home after work, no matter at what hour, about her birthday, Valentine’s day, and all that little things in life that he knows it means to her.

So, once again instead of just asking yourself does my husband love me, ask yourself if he is giving you some signs of love. This doesn’t have to be anything big, and fancy. Sometimes chocolate is enough, and if you don’t think so, rather ask yourself about where’s the problem, not him.

Do you ever go to him to kiss him goodbye when he goes for work? Do you ever send him a message during the work day, how you miss him, or just to check if he’s fine?

Well, my dear, if you don’t do this why you expect him to do it? Why do you think that he has to do something that you obviously don’t? This seems to me like the both of you are stuck in a problem, and a pride is definitely the main. Forget about it, in order to give another chance to each other. Because, in this situation both of you have a serious problem, and both of you need to work on it.

No, it definitely isn’t just him. It’s you too, my dear. Almost never, is about just one person. Yes, you have right when you ask yourself – does my husband love me. But, instead of just trying to change him, try to change your behavior too. Nothing good will come if just one side decides to work on it.

I hope it will come to your mind that the both of you have some work to do, so I’m gonna ask you do you love your husband? Do you still see him as your partner? Is he still the one which hand you would like to hold each night you go to sleep?

You answer with yeses? Great! Then you now realize that you don’t work just on does my husband love me question. It’s not just that one subject. It’s you too. And the two of you as a couple.

I suggest you take a day or two off of work. To go for a trip during the weekend. Without any family or friends. Just the two of you. Use that time to tell him you’ve been asking yourself does my husband love me. And, don’t get surprised if he said he was wondering the same think about you as his wife.

And, for God’s sake, don’t forget that the conversation is the key. I always love to say that simply because it’s true. That’s how it is. There’s no point in wrapping it into some magical words. Maybe that way it will look better, but it will mean the same. Talk. Then talk again. After that, talk again. Once you’re done talking, you’ll know exactly what you have to do in order to save your relationship. And remember, after the rain, there’s the Sun.

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