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A Letter To You On The Hard Days

hard days
Written by Lejla

Dear You,

How have you been? Are you doing okay in your life? I hope you do. I hope that your life is filled with wonder and joy. However, I know that you can’t be happy every day of your life. Not every day of your life can be joyful. So, this is for the hard days, for the days you feel lost and worthless. For the days you can’t get out of bed because you think there is nothing to get up for. This is for the days filled with hardship and hopelessness.

I know you feel there is no reason for you to get out of that bed and make something out of your day. Out of your life. But there is a reason, there is every reason to go out and enjoy the day, even with everything in your life not being okay. And here is the biggest reason – you. When everything in your life is falling apart, you have to take care of yourself. There is always someone that thinks we are worthy and that loves us. There are always things in life that we should be happy and hopeful about.

I want you to know that you’re not alone. You’re not alone in feeling bad and hurt. Everyone does. I also want you to know that they, too pretend they are fine for the most part. Then the facade is gone and every hurtful thing they tried to conceal is right there in front of them. It is okay to feel that day, to acknowledge all the hurt and pain that you feel. We are humans, after all, we feel joy and we hurt.

We all have flaws, that is true, but there are great things about us too. Know your every weakness but also know your strengths. Find your best characteristics and be proud of them. If you can’t find any and you think of yourself as less worthy than anyone else…darling, you are not searching enough. Or you simply cannot see all your qualities. And there are plenty of those qualities, of that I can assure you.

On the days when you are at your lowest, I want you to do something. I want you to remember all the good things in and about your life. All your true friends and family. The people that make you happy, day after day. Remember what your passion is in life. And if you can’t remember what your passion is, or you simply didn’t find it- rediscover yourself. Find that spark that makes you feel like you are doing something memorable with your life. Whether that be baking or cleaning or singing..it doesn’t matter. As long as it makes you happy and validated.

Those hard days will always be there. When you miss someone so badly that everything hurts. Or you regret something you did. Pain comes in many shapes and sizes, most importantly it will always be there with us. To remind us of the persons and things we have lost. But do not fret just yet, all is not lost. Maybe pain is unavoidable, but how we react and how we bear with it is all up to us.

It is up to us if we ‘ll let the pain consume us, or do something about it. So, on those hard days, remember your favorite people, your best memories, and your passion. Even if today is one of those hard days, make sure that tomorrow will be a good one.

Love always,



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