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10 Things You Do That Push Your Man Away

push your man away
Written by Chloe M.

Why did he lose interest when things seemed to be going so well? Well, I can’t tell you the exact reason your man lose interest in you, but there are several things you unknowingly do that push your man away and you should definitely avoid doing them:

1. Talking about your ex:

Talking about you your ex is the first thing you should never do. This subject can never, ever strengthen your relationship, but will give your relationship totally opposite. The possible effect of talking about your ex is that your man thinks you still love your ex, or that you haven’t get over him. 

Even if he asks about your ex, you should give the shortest answer you can. There are millions of the topics you can talk about. Don’t choose your ex as the subject!

2. Being desperate

What men call despair I see more as genuine interest. I think there’s nothing wrong with telling your partner what you feel, want or think. But, in the world of relationships, the rules are a little bit different.

You should tell him your fear and your struggles, but don’t act like you don’t have a reason to live. Don’t be the obsessive girlfriend who needs to know every two minutes where he is.

The less you seek him, the more likely he will seek you.

3. Acting like a fool

Playing “dumb” or acting naive is not something that attracts men. Men want the woman who is intelligent and mature. Acting like you don’t know anything and pretending will only take your relationship to a certain point.

4. Doing everything for him

You are his partner not his mother! Wanting to do and decide everything for him will only push your man away. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t be there for him, you should but don’t you think that he isn’t mature enough to handle his own responsibility?

And when we talk about decisions, there’s nothing better than the relationship in which both of partners make decisions together, where they include each other in their lives. I hope you are one of the lucky ones.

5. Being someone you’re not

For the first date to now, you should be yourself. The real man will love you for who you are, you are not supposed to do everything for his love. What should you do if he loves you for someone you are not?

Be yourself! Respect yourself!

6. Demanding too much from him will definitely push your man away

You shouldn’t force him into something he doesn’t want. It won’t be long before he leaves if you start to order him around and expect him to do what you want.

7.  Gossiping

There is a lot of men who enjoy gossip, but this behavior is more common in women. Well, men don’t like it. Try to avoid negative, false and malicious comments. You shouldn’t criticize yourself or your significant other, ever.

8. Sending mixed signals

I think there’s nothing worse and confusing than this. If you said something is OK, don’t get angry later and tell him you didn’t really think so. Keep your word in line with the message you send.

9. Becoming your man’s clone

Finding someone who has the same things in common with us is great, but only if it’s true. Don’t imitate everything he does just to make him like you more! If he is the one he will love you for who you are, he will love all your perfect imperfections.

10. Being petty

The man who pays for his lady is the best. But, it would be great if you offer to pay from time to time. He doesn’t have accept that, but you should at least make an offer.


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