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When Life Gets Hard I’m The One You Remember

when life gets hard
Written by Naida

It is not rare to experience something that we didn’t expect. Those days are not so easy to survive so we usually stick to those people who are willing to help and support us. It’s better if we have someone in our lives to rely on, because no matter how difficult our life is, we are not alone.

When you have a period of your life when the things don’t go as you planned, you remember me. You know that I am the girl who will be by your side and who will gladly help you get through the pain or any other difficult situation. I am the one you think of whenever you are not in a good mood because you know that I have that power to cherish you. I can sympathize with you for everything that you are going through, because I am among the rare people in your life who survived almost the same. Besides the fact that I am your girlfriend (which means that I am supposed to support you), I am also your real friend and you could always lean on me. I am the one that you remember because everyone around you usually disappears when life gets hard for you.

During the time that we have spent together, we gained a pretty good connection. That is the reason why you remember me when no one understands you. You know that I will always listen to you if you need someone to talk to. I will also be there if you don’t want to talk at all, because that’s what adults do. They give support to those who they love respectively to those who trust them. I am the one that you call when you don’t even know why you are upset. I can look at your eyes and see the sadness that you feel deep down in your soul. Whenever you need someone to take care of you or to soothe you, you remember no one but me.

If you ever wanted to avoid those games that couples nowadays play, you think of me. You think of me anytime that you need to take a long walk to clear up your mind. When you want to have a partner who will be your very best friend, your biggest love of all and your passionate lover. I am the one you remember when you stop looking for something temporary and when you want to find your forever. When you want to settle down. When you don’t want to risk it with someone who can’t offer you honesty, loyalty, and the greatest feelings.

Because your life gets hard sometimes, you realized how to value my presence in it. In some weird way, I think that it is not so bad for you to have a difficult time in your life. You remember me because you see the strength in me. And when you see the strength, then you know how to carry out and fulfill your purposes.

I agree that life would be hard for you if you were alone. But since you have me, you can defeat everything that comes to you. You can rise above everything and you can be sure that you are not alone.

I am the one you remember when your world is crashing down. You feel that I am worthy and you know that I am a girl you really need to fight for. You have always wanted a girl like me and you can’t help but think of no one else but me. In your life there is only a place for the one like me. It is because I am truly someone you remember whenever life offers you something you can’t handle alone.

You want me in your life, because if you have me, you don’t need an easy life. You can have a hard one because you have strength on your side. That is the greatest thing that can happen to you and that’s what makes you fearless.


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