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This Is What You Need To Do When He Hurts You

hurts you

Either we do it on purpose or completely accidentally, we often hurt people. Those people are mostly those we care about. As you hurt someone, you also end up in pain because someone hurt you. If we are emotionally involved with someone, our pain is even worse. However, when someone hurts you, you try to recover as soon as possible and you try to put that in the past and start all over again. But even though you may forgot about the pain, it doesn’t make you protected from new pain which someone may cause you. The more connected you are with your partner, the more you are to exposed being hurt.

You never expected that he is able to hurt you. You were completely sure in his love and now you are paying for that. There is a chance to heal, there is a chance to survive all of this pain just like you survived many painful situations in the past. But how could he do this to you when you thought that everything is perfectly fine in your relationship?

First of all, you need to find out why he hurt you. Did he do that on purpose or unintentionally? Try to realize that on your own, and listen to what your heart and mind tell you. The sooner you find out what actually happened there, the faster you will be able to react to a situation. When you find out the real reason, you will know what to do.

Try not to protect yourself right away. There has to be a reason why he hurt you. If you know that your partner loves you, you didn’t expect such behavior. The point of healthy connection is to communicate so that you can know what bothers each other. On the other side, if he hurt you on purpose, question yourself whether there is any love for you.

He will probably try to hurt you if he wants to assure you that he is right. That is how people react, but that is probably wrong. If you disagreed with something that he told you and if he wanted to hurt you right away, he is not mature enough to accept other people’s thoughts. If you don’t have permission to speak up for yourself, then you should probably run away. He will hurt you as long as you are trying to make a statement.

If you know that there are things about you that bother him and if you are still doing them, then it is not strange that he wants to hurt you. Relationship is about compromise and sacrificing certain things in order to have a normal connection with your partner. You should know that he hurt you because you are guilty and you should apologize for the things you did to him. But if you don’t feel guilty and still need to apologize, it looks like you are stuck with a manipulative man. In that case, you should leave and save yourself from being hurt for no reason.

He may have hurt you once, but if you know how to fight for yourself, you won’t let him hurt you again. That’s because you value yourself more than letting a man humiliate, hurt, and disrespect you. You need to have certain boundaries in your life, and that’s the only way to make people and your partner respect you.

This, however, is your life and you choose what’s the best for you. If you let someone hurt you over and over again, that is probably wrong, but after all, that is what you chose for yourself. If you can’t live with someone who is able to hurt you every day for no reason, you should choose your own happiness and stay away from that kind of person. If you choose to give another chance to your partner, then it should be only one more chance. If you feel his love, you will give him one more chance, because you think that he deserves it. Also, if you forgive, you should never forget, but you should put that pain in the past in order to start all over again with your loving partner.

This Is What You Need To Do When He Hurts You