This Is What It Means To Be An Overthinker With A Sensitive Heart

Written by Leslie Blair

Being an overthinker is not just about having difficulty deciding which college you want to apply to or deciding on your outfit of the day. No, my dears, it is not just that. It is being completely and utterly indecisive about every single thing we do. We know we sometimes annoy the people around us with our struggle to pick an ice-cream flavor or what we want to eat. We understand but you should also understand what happens inside our heads while picking that ice-cream flavor.


    If I choose the chocolate flavor I will be making a mistake. I have a bunch of chocolate bars at home. Why would I need more chocolate? No, better if I pick something else. Vanilla? But everyone picks vanilla. It is so overrated.  Strawberry? Hazelnut? God, what size do I want? Which toppings? I should’ve just gone with the chocolate.

    And before I know it, I am stuck with an ice-cream flavor I don’t even like and an annoyed friend because it took me 10 minutes to pick an ice-cream flavor.

    Normal people go to sleep and fall asleep within minutes. But an overthinker does not. We have trouble falling asleep until we have replayed every conversation we had that day. We worry about the smallest thing. But we know that they probably meant it in the nicest way possible but why did she say that those glasses make my eyes bigger? Did she mean it in Amanda Seyfried way or Gollum way?

    Our trail of thought can bring us into trouble. We got so lost in our own thoughts that we forget to do something very important. Like paying bills. Or miss a turn while driving. We space a lot and find it hard to live in the real world all the time.

    Being sensitive on top of it all is another story. We easily get hurt. Even if you never meant to insult us, we are known for reading too much into things. We may not show it, but we will be silently hurting over it for the rest of the week. Overthinkers, and sensitive ones for that matter hurt over the smallest things.

    We don’t live in the moment. Ever. For everything we do, we must plan ahead and think of every possible outcome. And we can plan months in advance. We simply cannot rest until we have all planned out in our heads. Therefore, being spontaneous is flying out of the window.

    Relationships are harder for us. We have a tendency to over-analyze and be lost in our own heads most of the time. Finding the right person can be a bit of a struggle.

    Being an overthinker is not something that we can turn off. Believe me, we wish that we could. It is simply one of those things you need to embrace and deal with. Lots of people will not get you. That is okay. You are not like everybody else. The way you view the world is different than anyone else’s. The important people will accept you the way you are and cherish you for it.



    About the author

    Leslie Blair

    I decided to become a Dating and Relationship Coach because of my interest in human relationships and desire to help people experience more fulfilling, authentic relationships with themselves and ultimately others. Creating a healthy intimate relationship is about much more than finding the "perfect" partner. I’ll help you to identify and overcome every obstacle you’re going through in your relationship.