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Don’t Hate Her For Moving On (Because She Had To)

Don’t hate her for moving on
Written by Naida

She doesn’t deserve to be hated because she had the courage to move on. She doesn’t deserve you to curve her. People sometimes just have to go, and when they are leaving, we may feel the deepest pain in our heart. When they choose to leave, it does not matter that we love them so much.

Don’t hate your woman for leaving you in order to find something which probably fits her better than you did. I suppose that you don’t actually hate her for who she is, but you hate her because she decided to leave. She left just because she wants more than a person who sees her as someone too hard to love and care about.

Imagine yourself unhappy with someone. Well, you would probably move on for your own good. It is because you love yourself, so you put yourself in the first place. You see, you can imagine your own leaving, but somehow when someone wants to leave you, you can’t stand that. You started to hate her because you are unable to see that she realized how big her worth is.

Don’t hate her because her moving on doesn’t mean that she is a bad person. You know her better than anyone and you know that she would never leave if she was happy. So, please don’t hate her because she really needed more love than you were able to give her. Maybe you were thinking that she was complete with you, so now you can’t control your anger because she left.

It is only important to remind yourself that if everything was right between you, she wouldn’t leave. Love cannot turn into hate just like that. Something forced her to leave, and when you add lack of love and finding her worth, what else could you expect?

She imagined true love, she always wanted something huge and extraordinary. Don’t hate her because she couldn’t accomplish that with you. Instead of hating, you should love her more at the right time. You should appreciate her because she had the guts to leave you after all and to start all over again. Don’t hate her for her tendency to find a person who will respect her and see how great she is.

If you could understand her at the beginning, then your relationship would be completely different. If you could listen to her the way she wanted you to listen, she would never move on. You hate her because you don’t know the reason she left you, but you need to understand that she is an emotional human being who wanted more. Her feelings took over her and she made the right decision. Don’t hate her because she will never regret moving on.

Don’t hate her because she doesn’t deserve that. Show her that you are beyond this and let her free. By this I mean try to let her free mentally and emotionally. If you can do that, you have no idea how great you are. Don’t hate her but try to see her as someone who really had to go. Someone who needs to be happy and who is choosing the best, even though that doesn’t include you. While this was the best thing that she decided to do for herself, it isn’t good for you. But that’s how life’s going.

Don’t hate her because she never hated you. Moreover, she loved you like she never loved anyone before. Try to face the fact that she didn’t leave because there was a lack of love. She left because she had to deal with more love than you could handle. She really needs someone who can deal with that amount of love that she offers.

Don’t hate her because she is well aware of her possibilities. She knows her worth and she doesn’t want to play games. She will leave whether you want that or not.

You are angry and you can’t be reconciled with the fact that she is moving on. But let me tell you this – try to play this smart. Instead of hating her, try to realize that there is nothing you can do right now. You definitely can’t prevent her from moving on. The sooner you accept that she really wants to leave, the faster you will be able to forgive her. There is no place for anger or hate here. Try to see her leaving as a positive thing. Someone will come instead of her, so you should love people who stay, but also try to love those who leave because there is space for someone new to come. Don’t hate her for moving on, but thank her.


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