10 Everyday Routines That Take Away Your Happiness

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Written by Naida

Sometimes we don’t even notice that we are doing things that make us unhappy. Those habits or routines become a part of our lives because we are constantly doing them. These routines are instances of how you let them take your happiness away from you.

  1. You pay attention to other people’s lives instead of your own.

It is nice if you are happy for someone else’s success. It makes you a mature person who is not jealous when someone is happy, especially if it is about someone in your narrow circle of family or friends. But if you see only what they do, that is not right. You don’t have time to focus on your own story or life. You are capable to do so many great things for yourself, so you should stop paying attention to other people’s lives. Also, you need to do only what you feel is right. Don’t let others rule over you. You are strong and smart, and your wishes and desires are achievable.

  1. You always wait for the right time.

There is no right time to do good things for yourself. The perfect moment doesn’t exist if you want to create your own life the way you want. The moment you decide to do something great for yourself is the only perfect moment, so stop wasting your time and do it already.

  1. You are not happy with your job.

And you choose to work but there is nothing that you love about it. You work only to be paid and you are satisfied with that. It is not good for your life to see your job only as something that you are paid for. If you don’t have interest in it, your entire life will be a disaster. Try to face the fact that your job is the main part of your life. If you don’t like your job, maybe it’s time to find a new one which could bring you happiness in life.

  1. You are full of hate.

The more you see yourself as an unsatisfied person, the more hate you will gain. If you forgot how to be happy about your life, maybe it is time to abandon that toxic ambience, toxic people and everything that forces you to hate in your life. You can replace the feeling of hate only if you find a reason to love.

  1. You are worried and frightened.

Even if you don’t have any reason to worry about certain things in your life, you still can’t help yourself. Sooner or later you will realize that all of that was completely ungrounded. You never accept anything because you are afraid of something. Your life is passing by and you can’t remember the last time you did something nice and new. You should learn how to let go of the people and things that make you scared. If you can give yourself a chance to enjoy something once in a while, you will see how easy it will be to abandon all of your worries and fears.

  1. You stick to difficulties.

If you had bad luck just for one day, make it be like that. Don’t linger on that many other days because that only makes you feel low for longer. A bad mood is a normal thing to experience, and it is not something you should think about for the next month.

  1. You keep on searching for passable pleasures.

In life we can choose whether we want to have passable or permanent pleasures. If you are striving for material, then you probably know that that’s passable pleasure. The other type is something that we often don’t know how to gain, because it is connected to how we think about things. Permanent pleasures are far more important in one’s life.

  1. You are trying to change everything.

And that is impossible. You can’t change things globally, and once you try, you will find out that that is very demanding. You can begin from the small things which are directly connected with you. So, if you need a change, try to start from yourself.

  1. You are around people who are causing you pain.

It does not matter how much you care for someone, if he is able to hurt you maybe you should leave him. Those people don’t deserve you because you would never hurt them and because they are not worth your presence in their lives. Try to think less about them, and if necessary, choose to respect yourself instead of trying to force them care about you.

  1. You emphasize physical attraction.

If you perhaps choose your favorite food just because of how it looks, you are trapped into something very wrong. Attraction can be so much more than just the physically one. You should not let yourself miss out on so good things just because they didn’t attract you at first. Give those people, food, drinks, and other things at least one chance to delight you.


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