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You Shouldn’t Let Him Come Back To You (Because You Know It Will Be The Same)

let him come back

This is not the first time he has tried to get back in your life. But don’t you have that feeling that every time he calls you or texts you, you see that as the same story? Everything that he has to tell you is already told. Every time he wants to prove himself is just another thing that you have already seen. Well, did you ever ask yourself why is he so persistent? Does he come to you with something more promising or he is spinning that same story all over again? Maybe he feels like he can win you over again without putting in an effort. He knows you will fall for the same words and same things once again.

This man is actually very wise. With his words of love, your heart easily becomes softer. He knows how good you are and as the most important, he knows how much you care for and love him. You never stopped loving him, and he knows how to use that against you. You are a great person, so he comes to you over and over, and you are letting him in your life.

However, no one can love in vain forever. People get tired of toxic love or partners in their life. But he doesn’t realize that you are tired. You don’t want to forgive him once again. And when you see his text, you would throw your phone and break it into pieces. You got to the point when you already know what he wrote in his text, and you know exactly what he will tell you if you answer his call. He will try to convince you that he didn’t mean to hurt you. He will tell you that he is aware now of your value and he will definitely ask for another chance.

Your heart is too soft to reject him. Your mind is telling you that you need to hang up, yet your heart is begging you to forgive him one more time. You start wondering if he has changed. Maybe it won’t be the same this time, you think. But please don’t indulge yourself in that once again. You know that it would be a mistake. You know that people like him are hardly able to change.

This is not something new, this is the same man, begging the same soft-hearted girl to accept him and forgive him like the million times before. It won’t be good for you to live through heartbreak once again. And it would not be good if you show him that he can play these games with you and your feelings. He is taking you for granted this time, just like he did God knows how many times before.

He knows very well that you are not completely over him, so he relies on that. You would accept him anytime he wants and you make his return easy. But you need to know when enough is enough. You are not a toy he can play with, and you need to face the fact that his intentions are not clear. He never changed a single thing to prove you that he deserves these chances. Yet he got them easily.

Your love is simply not enough. You can’t have anything special if there is only one side that fights. You know that if he could love you just a little bit more, you would succeed. No one is perfect but he really made a lot of mistakes and you gave him countless chances. But it is you who always ends up in pain.

So please don’t let him come back to you because you know that it would be the same. People don’t change so easily, so don’t fall for his words of affection because things will not be different for you. You remained the same soft-hearted girl, regardless of how many times he hurt you. And if you are the same, how could you expect that he changed? However, it is easier to change in a bad way than to become better person.

Think about yourself. See how happy you are because you don’t have connection with toxic people or things. You already started over, so please don’t fool yourself. Don’t let him come back to you because you deserve more. You deserve better. You deserve a partner who could love you unconditionally.

By keeping him in your life, you don’t give chances to any other men. You shouldn’t let him come back to you if you want someone who is ready to offer equal love like yours. You need to find a man who will see your value and who will appreciate you. A man who is ready to love you with his whole heart and who will never betray you.

So if he texts you or calls you, make it clear to him that this time isn’t going to be the same. You choose yourself this time. You are choosing your own happiness instead of heartbreak.

You Shouldn’t Let Him Come Back To You (Because You Know It Will Be The Same)