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20 Cute Things To Say To a Girlfriend

Cute things to say to a girlfriend
Written by Selma

Sometimes, men have a hard time expressing their emotions, out of fear they will appear too pathetic or cheesy. But, in the same time, there does not exist a girlfriend which doesn’t enjoy hearing sweet words from her boyfriend. So, if you want to compliment your girlfriend and express your love for her, but are out of nice and sweet ideas about what to tell her, here are 20 fresh and cute things to say to a girlfriend that will put a smile on her face for sure.

  1. I would be lost without you

One of the cute things to say to a girlfriend is that you would be lost without her. By saying her this, you are telling her she is your hero and that you don’t know what you would do without her in your life.

  1. My life wouldn’t have a meaning without you in it

When you say that your life wouldn’t have a meaning without someone in it, these are deep words. When you say this to a girl, it means she completes you and that she had a great impact on the course of your life and there is nothing a girl likes to hear more than this.

  1. I love waking up next to you

Sleeping with someone is easy. But, we can’t wake up next to just anybody. So, by telling your girlfriend that you love waking up next to her, you are telling her that you are not just attracted to her physically- for you, she is gorgeous even the moment she opens her eyes.

  1. You are the last thing that comes to my mind before I go to bed

One of the cute things to say to a girlfriend is that she is the last thing and the last person you think about before going to sleep. It means you can’t help thinking about her even after you had a long, tiring day and you want to sleep with her in your thoughts.

  1. I think of you in the most crowded places

It is natural you’ll think about someone when you are alone and bored. But, it takes a very special person to occupy our minds when we are busy or when we are around a lot of people, and by telling her that you think of her in the most crowded places, you are proving her that she is that special person for you.

  1. I fall in love with you every day

One of the cute things to say to a girlfriend is that you are falling in love with her every day. Obviously, you’ve fallen in love with her in the past, but she needs to know she can still awaken that spark in you; she needs to know that you would choose her all over again and that you are still falling in love with her.

  1. You are my dream coming true

Every girl would like to hear that she is her man’s dream coming true. These words may sound like a cliché, but are actually very sweet and powerful.

  1. I want to grow old with you

There is nothing more romantic you could say to a girl than that you want to grow old with her. These words are kind of a proposal, a promise. They imply that you want to spend the rest of your life with this girl and should be taken seriously.

  1. You are my other half

When you say that someone is your other half, it means they are your soulmate. When you say it to a girl, it means that you two are much more than just a couple- you are each other’ s forever people and your love has a deeper meaning.

  1. You are my best friend

One of the cute things to say to a girlfriend is that she is your best friend. It means that you don’t love her just as a lover or a romantic partner- it means she really gets you like no one else and that you would want to have her in your life even if the two of you hadn’t started a relationship.

  1. I wish I had met you before

When you tell your girlfriend that you wish you had met her before, you are implying that your life actually got its complete meaning just from the moment you two met. You two share such beautiful moments and you are so happy with her around that you wish it had happened sooner.

  1. I love you for who you are

If you love someone, you don’t want to change them. So, one of the cute things to say to a girlfriend is that you love her exactly for who she is and that you wouldn’t change a thing about her looks and personality. This means you completely accept her as an individual and not just as your girlfriend.

  1. I miss you

Sometimes, you and your girlfriend spend just a couple of hours apart, but you miss her. Don’t hesitate to tell her that and don’t be afraid you’ll turn out to be cheesy. Every girl likes to hear that her boyfriend can’t stand being away from her and that he misses her.

  1. You are my sun

One of the cute things to say to a girlfriend is that she is your sun. It means that she brightens your every day and your life in general. After all, existence on Earth would be impossible without the Sun, and so would be your life without her in it.

  1. I don’t want to live without you

Let’s face it- when we are forced to, we can live without someone. So, instead of telling your girlfriend you can’t live without her, tell her you don’t want to. By saying this, you are telling her you are making a conscious choice of having her in your life. Besides, you’ll sound much more sincere and original.

  1. You are special to me

Every girl enjoys standing out from the masses and it is quite important for her to be seen as special by her boyfriend. So, if you want to compliment your girlfriend, tell her how special and unique of a place she has in your heart and that she differs from every other girl you’ve ever met.

  1. You look great today

Paying a compliment regarding her looks is something every girlfriend likes to hear, especially if you guys are in a long-term relationship. She wants to know she is still attractive to you, so it is always nice to pay attention to something new she had put on or some changes she made with her hearing.

  1. You are perfect to me

When you tell her that she is perfect, she’ll know you are lying, because no person on this planet is perfect. But, when you tell her she is perfect for you, it is something she may believe in. It means that you are fully aware of her flaws and imperfections, but you love her not despite them, but because of them because you know these imperfections are a part of her as a person.

  1. I trust you

Trust is an important pillar for every relationship, including romantic ones. So, a cute thing to say to your girlfriend is that she is your person of trust. Besides complimenting her character and implying she is trustworthy, you are also telling her that she is a person you can rely on.

  1. I appreciate you

People often think that appreciation is implied. But, if you have a girlfriend who works hard to keep the relationship going, it is nice to tell her that you appreciate everything she does for you and for your relationship from time to time.

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