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9 Unclear Signs That Your Girlfriend is About To End Your Relationship

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Written by Naida

She plans on ending the relationship.

Women are special. We can describe them in so many ways, but nowadays it is hard to meet a completely sincere woman. When a woman is getting into a relationship, her male partner struggles with her being open. Girls can get mad easily and that is the problem because they don’t tell their partner what pissed them off. So, guys have problems because they don’t have easy approach to their girls. Almost all girls are not willing to admit that they are angry. They just become cold and uninterested in their partners. Since the guy has no ability to solve the problem, he starts finding signs around him. Everything is on him.

It is not easy to break up with someone. But it is easier to break things off if both partners know that something is not going very well. If you, on the other side, need to find those signs that something is wrong, while you thought that everything is perfect, well, that’s difficult. It comes all of a sudden right there in your face, and you were sure that that’s it. So, this is the reason why you always have to be careful. Sometimes things can be fixable. And even if they can’t, you are prepared on time for the unavoidable.

You need to know if your girl is mad at you. You need to look for signs closely, and if you find a sign that she is not as interested in you as she was before, then you should do something. However, this is your life and you will decide what’s the best thing to do. Here are some signs that your girlfriend is not into you anymore and that she is about to end your relationship.

  1. When you tell her words of love, she doesn’t return those to you.

You love your girlfriend and you are still trying to make her happy by telling her how beautiful she is, or how much you feel for her. She, on the other side, is not interested to reciprocate the effort, but trying to find out the way to leave. Even though she once loved these words of affection, it seems like she is not trying to make you feel loved anymore.

  1. Your girlfriend doesn’t share important things in her life with you in the first place.

You were the first person in the world to whom she used to come telling her happy or sad news. She called you or texted you whenever she has something important to tell you. However, you don’t feel worthy anymore, it is like you are not someone who she finds important in her life. If you don’t ask, you won’t find out. Or, maybe you will, but only from other people, not from her in the first place.

  1. She changes her mood too often.

Sometimes you feel like you can’t recognize your own girlfriend. She is so nice and warm at one moment, but then she turns into an uninterested and distant person the next moment. Once when you become a stranger with your partner, it is time to change something. Your girlfriend is really someone you can’t recognize anymore.

  1. Her behavior is weird and odd.

You see your girlfriend wants to do hobbies or certain sports, which she never would have tried before. There are those convictions that all of these new behavioral changing has something to do with emotions. If you consider the fact that she changes her emotions, well, it really is connected to you and your relationship.

  1. She is not interested in arguing or fights with you anymore.

People love to say: If someone argues, then there is love there. Your girlfriend was arguing with you almost every day and that meant nothing less than the fact that she cared about you so much. You cannot remember the last time that you two have had an arguing. When you have something to discuss or say to her, you try to initiate the conversation, but most of the time you failed. That is because she would rather avoid talking to you.

  1. She is not mad at you when you make a mess.

At the beginning of your relationship, she expected so much from you. So, whenever you made a mess she would get mad because you disappointed her. Now, however she doesn’t care if you screw up. She is neither mad nor disappointed. It looks like you are not on her mind anymore.

  1. She avoids date nights with you.

She used to enjoy your time spent in a romantic restaurant on those special days in week. But, you don’t remember her smiling when you go out lately. Maybe it is because she really doesn’t have fun with you anymore.

  1. She stopped being jealous and intrusive.

When someone is jealous and intrusive it also means that someone cares about you and loves you. Now you feel like can do whatever you want without making your girlfriend jealous. It is like you are not in a relationship at all. It is sad, but she maybe doesn’t feel connected to you anymore.

  1. She slowly stops having affection and being committed to you.

It becomes so obvious that her effort for your relationship does not exist anymore. She is trying to come out of your once beautiful relationship. She is sneaking off your connection. Her presence is smaller and smaller until one day she becomes completely absent.

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