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5 Types Of Men You Should Run From

types of men you should run from
Written by Lejla

Trying to find a perfect man for yourself is hard. Going on countless dates, hoping that this might be the one. But as soon as you relax and can actually see a second date material, Prince Charming suddenly disappears and in his place sits Peter Pan’s Hook. To avoid these situations, here are the 5 types of men you should run from as soon as you notice them.

The Womanizer

This is the type that all women loathe and all women are attracted to. They are usually overly confident, charming and suave. The fact that is not unusual for them to be physically appealing makes resisting them that much harder. They know exactly what to say and when to say it. However, dating them is bound to end up badly. They don’t like to be bound to one woman, and as soon as they hear a word ”relationship” they will run like hell. Just as you should when you spot this type of man.

The Jealous Possessive Freak

You should avoid this type in full circle. This guy will sneak up on you. At first, it will be all nice and rainbows until he starts to have one of those jealous outbursts. In the beginning, you may think it is cute that he is so jealous of every single guy you speak to, but soon things will go worse. He will start asking who are you texting, why are you so dressed up if you are not with him and will get jealous if you even look at a guy. Now, that is not so cute, is it?

The Momma’s boy

When a man loves and respects his mother, that is an admirable thing. However, if a man is dependent on his mother and if he hides behind his mother is not that admirable. If a man needs to get permission from his mother for every single thing, there is no future for a good relationship.

The Guy On the Rebound

Someone who is still getting over his ex is definitely not a good boyfriend material. If he is still hung up on his ex, he will be thinking of her all the time or could be using you for revenge. If you are in it for short-term, as well the go for it. However, if you are looking for something more of a long-term…avoid the guy on the rebound.

The Cheater

The last but not the least, the cheater is definitely one to avoid dating. If by a chance, he cheated on his, well by this point ex-girlfriend. Chances that he will do that to you are really big.  If he had done it once, he will do it again. Don’t fall for this guy, chances are that it will not have a happy ending.

These were just 5 types, unfortunately, they are many more guys that will prove to be the wrong ones. Finding the right one is not an easy job and the wrong ones do not have a ” avoid ” sign on them, unluckily for us.

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