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8 Reasons Why He Cheated on You

Cheated on you
Written by Karen Clark

Cheating is always wrong and there is nothing and nobody that could justify that. But, if you were ever cheated on, I am sure it left you wondering why it happened. Even if this happened a while ago and you have moved on with your life, you probably want to know what were the reasons that made your partner cheat on you?  Was it all his fault? Does it mean he didn’t love you enough? What changed inside of him that made him cheat on you, despite the fact that your relationship seemed ideal? Although things can never be generalized and every couple is different, here are 8 possible reasons why he cheated on you.

  1. He wasn’t mature enough

One of the first reasons men cheat is because they are not mature enough. Maybe your boyfriend overvalued himself, thinking he is ready for to have a committed, long-term relationship, but was actually far from ready for something like that. Maybe he just wanted a casual fling, but didn’t know how to express his wishes and ended up in a monogamous relationship with you. Although it is not any justification, maybe this guy didn’t have any experience in committed relationships and was consequently, unaware of the consequences which cheating can leave on you and on your relationship. Either way, it is clear that this man doesn’t understand the concept of monogamy and the concept of a committed, exclusive and devoted relationship.

  1. He had ego problems

Another possible reason for your man cheating on you could be his insecurities and ego problems. When a guy has deep self-esteem problems and issues, it is quite common that his insecurities appear on the surface in his romantic relationships. These men usually think they are not good enough, that they are too old or too young, and that they are not rich enough or handsome enough for you. What they don’t know is that you don’t have anything to do with their insecurities- they come from inside of them. Either way, they are usually trying to cure these insecurities by asking for confirmation and validation of multiple women. If an insecure guy cheated on you, he did it because he thought he’d resolve his issues and hoped he’d feel better about himself if he proved himself and others that he is a macho man who can win over many girls. When this guy gets involved in affairs outside of his marriage or relationship, he feels desired, wanted and more worthy and this serves him as an ego booster.

  1. He wasn’t strong enough to resist the temptation

Sometimes, men are simply not strong enough to resist the temptation. Of course, this is not a justification, but sometimes it is a simple truth. Some men love you and are very well aware of everything they will lose if they lose you, but simply behave like they can’t control themselves. It is possible that he has never even thought of cheating until the opportunity presented itself. But, even in these cases, the other woman should not be to blame. If he really wanted to stay faithful, he would have, no matter how attractive women he encounters. Of course, there are also those men who think that the grass is greener on the other side and these men will always cheat, no matter how amazing of a woman they have by their side.

  1. He doesn’t connect sex with love

For most women, sex is strongly connected with the notion of love. But, sadly for us, there are men who don’t think that way, and maybe your guy was one of them. We automatically assume that a man doesn’t love us when he cheats on us. But, it is possible for a man who loves you to cheat. This type of man doesn’t see anything wrong with casual sex affairs and flings outside of their relationship because they perceive sex like a sport- for them, it is something only physical and doesn’t affect the quality of a relationship. But, although they think they truly love you, they actually don’t respect you nor do they think about the impact their cheating will leave on you. In the same time, these men usually have double standards and therefore, wouldn’t consider you sleeping with another guy to be so harmless.

  1. He wanted to break-up with you

When a man cheats on you, it is possible that he actually wants to break up with you. If this is a case, there are two possibilities in this scenario. The first one is that he decided that your relationship has come to its end, but doesn’t want to break things off until he has a safety net. That means that he cheated on you because he was in a search for a new romantic partner, but didn’t want to leave you until he became sure that his new affair will be a real relationship and that this new girl won’t leave him hanging. So, he didn’t want to end your relationship until he was sure he had another one lined up. The second possibility is that this guy wanted to break-up with you, but didn’t have the courage to do so. Therefore, he hoped he’ll get caught, so he didn’t have to be the one who would end things. This way, he was ready to be the bad guy, just so he could avoid doing the dirty work. Either way, both of these reasons are signs that this guy was obviously a coward and you don’t want him in your life.

  1. He was taking you for granted

If you were always a loving and caring girlfriend who was always there for her man, it is possible that he started taking you for granted, instead of appreciating everything you were doing for him and for your relationship. If this was the case with your relationship, your boyfriend probably thought that you would always be by his side and that there is nothing he could do to make you leave him. Therefore, he thought there was nothing he could lose if he cheated on you, so there was nothing preventing him from doing so, besides his consciences which he clearly didn’t have.

  1. He thought he’d get away with it

Although we may think that guys are very complex, they are actually pretty simple beings. So, maybe you have been cracking your head, thinking what was that led your boyfriend or husband to cheat on you, but the answer is sometimes very simple- it is possible he acted like a little child and did it because he thought he’d get away with it. For him, this filing didn’t mean anything and he didn’t think of its consequences because he was positive you would never find out. He thought that nothing that you don’t know couldn’t hurt you, so he decided to cheat on you- simple as that.

  1. He felt neglected

Sometimes, men feel neglected in their current relationship. They don’t feel appreciated and loved enough and use it as a justification for their cheating. But, if your partner has been feeling this way, he should have talked to you about it in order to try and make some changes instead of cheating on you with the first person that came along. Every relationship has its ups and downs, but when hard times come, the relationship needs to be worked on. Seeking comfort in the third person is always the worst thing that can be done.

8 Reasons Why He Cheated on You