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7 Ways To Be Narcissist’s Worst Nightmare

narcissist’s worst nightmare

Narcissistic people are very difficult to love. When they are with you, they literally want to own you. How do they succeed? Well, first they treat you as the most beautiful creature in their lives. They tell you words of love and they buy your attention like no one could. They make clear to you that you became the main part of their lives. Once you gain the trust, you will probably open up to them. That means that you are ready to share your deepest desires with them.

And that’s what they need to win. They use all that you told them against you. They betray your trust, and you become powerless. Later, they gain control over your mind.

Well, it doesn’t have to mean that a narcissist can own you forever. There are so many different ways of getting out of that toxicity. You need to figure out how you can save yourself, and if it is possible, you can get revenge. You need to work on your self-esteem and heal from being abused by a narcissist in order to live a happy life.

If you truly want revenge, here are signs that can help you be narcissist’s worst nightmare.

  1. They caused you pain which you use now against them.

Even though you had many troubles while you were with a narcissist, you can now find a way to be powerful and smarter. You are more courageous and their toxicity is now redirected in your benefit. You have taken this as a lesson and you definitely know how to rise above this and how to be powerful as you never were.

  1. You know how to value yourself.

The target of every narcissist is to make their partner dependent on them when you need to decide something. That means you need to have permission in everything you do. Ownership is the goal. But once when you are completely free to decide everything, when you have a high self-esteem and when you know how to value yourself, it becomes very distracting for your narcissist partner. They wanted to be over you, yet you found your way to fight against them. You choose to leave this game playing and that is a narcissist’s worst nightmare.

  1. You don’t want to wait for any responses.

You used to wait for a sign of love or care from your narcissist, yet you never got anything. You are finally strong enough to leave without regret. The truth is that they have put you through so much pain and unpleasant situations, but you know how to respect yourself. Even though you thought there is no chance to get out of this, you know now how high your worth is and that is unnerving to your narcissistic partner.

  1. You know that you have a backup.

Despite that you find yourself stuck with a narcissist, you still have some people who worry about you and love you. There is no need to feel lonely, because you can rely on them whenever you need to. Also, you didn’t forget how to take care of yourself. This, however, isn’t part of the plan of your narcissistic abuser. He planned to make you addicted only on him. Since you showed him that you have people who care about you and that you have yourself, you became his main trouble.

  1. You are self-contained.

Even though your partner thought that he taught you to be completely dependent on him, lately you show him your freedom. It is not his benefit because he needed to see you as a weak one so that he can attack at your most vulnerable part. However, he fears now because he knows that you may leave whenever you want and he will hardly find someone who he can easily manipulate.

  1. You only agree on compromise.

You feel free to talk about your wishes or needs and you aren’t afraid of it. Your toxic person imprisoned you at the beginning and it wasn’t easy to get out of that state and speak up for yourself. Before, you couldn’t say a word to him. You did only what he wanted. Now you fight for what’s important to you and that makes you a narcissist’s worst nightmare.

  1. You can shape everything into good.

Considering what happened to you and what you have been going through for a while, you are very strong person. As soon as you figure that out, your narcissistic abuser and manipulator won’t have a place in your great life. While it is so much easier for you to live a normal life, a narcissist will go through a real nightmare. He just got used to you and your niceness. Now he has to stay alone and definitely unsatisfied.

7 Ways To Be Narcissist’s Worst Nightmare