Many young couples consider a long-distance relationship. How to deal with it or how to cross over the problem of it? Each of you wants to follow your own dream, but there is a huge problem which remains unsolved. Both of you love each other so much, but your dreams of studying in different countries prevailed. So, you decide that you both must follow your dream. You can message each other, see each other via Skype or call each other by cell phone. Nothing will miss you if you keep this promise. Everything has been perfect in your relationship so far, so it must continue that way.

Telling each other „goodbye“ was the most difficult moment in your life. After leaving the bus station, you felt sad.“ He is in one country and I am in another one. We did not need let that happen“. But, she was happy for him. „He has the opportunity of following his dream“. He is happy for her, too. But, they both miss each other. After just one night, she was crying the river in her room. „I already miss him so much“. „ I must call her“. They truly love each other. They will not let anybody destroy their happiness. Their motto is: Together forever.

With the time passing by, you cannot bear his distance anymore. He calls you once in a blue moon. You begin to suspect his fidelity to you and you search for any reason to blame him. There is now a lot of anxiety, a lot of suspicion and a lot of questions. Why do you begin to examine his loyalty? You should take courage to ask him if he is loyal to you or not. Suddenly he appears in front of your doors. What a surprise! What relief! You finally get to realize that you were suspicious of him because you missed him a lot. He then gives you what you needed most: his wonderful kiss and a big hug. You kiss each other as if you had not been together for years. But the sweetness of a relationship is exactly that- missing partner a lot and when he appears, your world becomes your biggest dream. Dear God, thank you for sending me right person; having him beside me is like a dream coming true. I know he was created for me and he knows I was created for him too.

Their love was like a fairytale. She is a princess and he is a prince. They created their own world for themselves. The world in which they are safe. The place where their love is safe and nothing could disturb them. They could not imagine their future without each other. They are best friends to each other, the brother and the sister. They have become one body and one soul. Her face is like a heaven to him and his eyes are like lighting to her. Both of them suits each other. They complement each other when it is necessary. Their love is so beautiful, virtuous and magical. Their relationship is a proof that the long-distance relationship can function, even till the end of life.

If you are in such relationship, do not discourage yourself because of distance. If your partner really wants to be with you, then he will be with you wherever you are. No matter how far you are from each other and your love is valid, then your relationship is valid too. It may seem difficult to keep it at first, but later you will get used to it. All you need is right partner, his love and a lot of trusts. Then you will make your relationship to last.