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Wait For a Man You Are Not Just Settling For

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Chloe M.
Written by Chloe M.

You want so badly to find a perfect guy for yourself, but it does not proceed to your hand. By trying it constantly, you are becoming tired and feeling disappointed. You feel as if this world is not for you. Other girls have already found their boyfriends, but you are not lucky one. You cannot wait anymore and you make a bad decision. You start a relationship with some guy you even do not like. You act very hurriedly and unconsciously. By wanting to make yourself feel good, you make mistake. A huge mistake. There is no pressure to get into a relationship. Nobody said you had to be in it. That is your decision. That is your life. It is really nice to have your better half next to you and be loved, but do not hurry things up. You will only let people down. Is it not nice being single for some time, to have time for yourself? Maybe you get into a relationship because of loneliness. That may seem the right solution to you. Or you get into a relationship because you want people to know that you have a boyfriend and that will make you feel bold. That is totally wrong. You will hurt people around yourself so hard. Do not settle for a guy without morals or virtues. Do not allow yourself to be somebody’s choice. That person just wants to humiliate you. And it is very rude.

It is better to wait for somebody who will love you and whom you will love. The expectancy of your future partner is the sweetest desire. That desire will make you feel as the conqueror of the world. Find a guy whose moral values suit yours. Find a guy who will listen to you carefully and who will not be bored with your story. Find a guy who is interested in you. That is the point of our lives – to find the right person for ourselves and spend the rest of life with them. Do not make a drama if that takes some time. There is your partner somewhere in the world, but wait until you get an opportunity to meet him. Do not get depressed because it seems impossible sometimes. Do not become discouraged. You have to wait the right moment for that to happen. When you at least expect something, then it happens. Suddenly, you will meet a person who will change your life radically. Somebody will tuck under your skin insensibly. There is hope for every one of us. Be patient.

Somebody is worth of your expectancy. You are worth of somebody’s expectancy too. Timing is not limited. God will send the right person to you when he sees it is time for doing so. It can be for one month, for two years or for five years. Do not suspect in his intentions. He knows who is best suitable for you. Love will rush into your life at full speed. And do not just wait vainly for that. Realise your worth and learn that no relationship can determine your personality. Appreciate your value and do not lose yourself because of relationship. Make yourself strong person and the right guy will appreciate that. He must be the one who will not make you change your personality because of his desire. He must be the one who will accept you just the way you are. That is the right person for you. A perfect guy. He will make you feel loved. You must make him feel loved too. That is how a healthy relationship should function. Do not allow your or his love to fade away. Love is the driving force of the world. It can be good or bad one. We all would like to be loved until the end of this life. We all would like to spend our lives with a person whom we chose. Just have faith and everything will be possible. Do not hurry up with getting into a relationship. Do not overthink of it. Things will get in order. Until then, spoil yourself with things that make you happy. And if it is finding a man, just go ahead.

Wait For a Man You Are Not Just Settling For