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To The Man Who Was Standing Next To Me When Everything Fell Apart

to the man who was standing next to me
Written by Naida

It is not rare that you feel broken after certain situations or relationships, friendships, etc. When that happens to me, when I know that my life is turning into a disaster and that everything is pointless, when I think a little bit, I can only remember a man who used to stand next to me when my world was truly falling apart.

I think of him because he was the only person I could rely on. I think of him because he always answered my phone calls, no matter if it was in the middle of the night. He was always ready to drive to my place if I was low, just to say some words of affection and comfort. I can remember only him who really worried about me, every day. If I cry, he was there and he tried to cheer me up. If I was not in a mood or if I was pissed off, he was there to calm me down. He could listen to me for hours without interruption. Sometimes he couldn’t do anything to help me, but he did a lot by just being there when I was at my lowest.

I can think of him because he never left me alone and he stood by my side even if I chose the wrong way for both of us. I think of him because he protected me while I was battling my fears. There is only him that I can remember because he didn’t leave me. He stayed and he never left me alone.

Life is not easy at all and by now we all learned that. It is full of beautiful people and things that could happen to us, but there are also many barriers and painful situations that hurt us often. In those situations we may cry, we may feel awful, but sometimes it is very hard to find a way to put the things back together. During those tough days, we feel like we’re completely lost and we will probably find it difficult to bring everything back to normal.

In these situations where I don’t have the strength to stand up and pull myself together, I could always look for my man because it’s the only person who will gladly help me.

I am not someone who is not going to appreciate his presence. He sacrifices his own time to be with me no matter what is going on in his life. He is there to fight against everything with me.

The most important thing is to have someone you can trust. I feel like I have that person. Whenever he promised something, he kept the promise. His forever really lasts.

I remember him. He was never selfish and he never fears to protect me and deals with my troubles just like those are his troubles. I appreciated that he was honest. He used to tell me that nothing is my fault, and even though I knew sometimes it was, somehow he made me feel better.

I remember him because he never made me feel less important. He never left me alone or unsafe and he was always by my side. I can never forget what he did for me. It was the nicest person I have ever had a chance to meet.

I think of him because he made me a better person. He made me stronger and wiser. It was him who taught me to never lose my hopes and to always stay positive. And how can I forget him?

I am very thankful for having him in my life because nothing would be the same without him.


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