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To The Girl Who Has Lost Herself to a Wrong Guy

To the girl who has lost herself to a wrong guy
Written by Chloe M.

To the girl who has lost herself to a wrong guy;

No one has ever made you feel loved as your boyfriend. You were a perfect match and you both were in clouds. He would do everything for you. You would do everything for him, even be ready to die for him. How immature and stupid of you! Have you ever thought he was not the one for you? or Has he been there when you needed him? No, after so many mistakes, you came back to him. Your boyfriend told you he would never do the same mistake again. Never! Did he really respect you and your warnings? No, because he knows you would come back to him over and over again. When you truly love someone, their mistakes never change your feelings.

You loved him so much, so you decided to follow his footsteps, his mistakes. You know he had cheated on you many times, but you forgave him. Forgiveness is the most important thing in a relationship. But, some people do not deserve it, like your boyfriend. He continued with repeating his mistakes, but you stopped caring about it. You always were ready to give him a new chance. It became normal for you to be cheated. You just wanted to keep him next to you. You did not notice that he did not value you. You became nothing to him. He just wanted your body, but not your soul. And that was enough for you. Despite everything, you appreciated him.

Your boyfriend started taking drugs just for fun. After learning the truth, you were thinking about it. What if he tells me to try it? Or I will not love you anymore until you take some of it. Taking deep observations, you decided to be like him. He made you do that. He made you try it and become a drug addict. Before it, you were good, funny, open-minded person who is always self-confident. Suddenly, your appearance changes. In both ways, physically and emotionally. You were a pretty young girl, taking care of people around you, but now you became ugly. You became emotionally disturbed, often jealous of other people and unconscious of your actions. You became dead in every sense. You destroyed yourself. Your whole world destroyed because of nothing and nobody. People would think you would learn your lesson, but you did the contrary. You allowed yourself to be humiliated and you were not strong enough to defend yourself.

Where is your boyfriend now? You need his help now more than ever. You need him to be right next to you. But, he is nowhere to be seen. Probably, he is cheating on you with some girl whose life will be destroyed as yours. You did not open your eyes wide enough when choosing him. You made the biggest mistake of your life and that same mistake will haunt you till the end of your life. People will point their finger at you and say „Look! That is a girl over there who suffers because of her boyfriend who is a junkie“. You will feel ashamed and go running in the opposite direction. You will finally get to realize your mistake. But, it would be too late.

Nothing in this world is perfect and nothing lasts forever. You have to resign yourself to it. You wanted his dedication to you so much. You did not see anything in front of you, only him. He became an integral part of your soul. Your mind and your heart became so blinded. What are you going to do with your life? Do you have anybody besides you? You disappointed people who were there for you. You left them. Now, you have nobody to rely on. Girl, take things in your hands and move on. Go over again and start a new life. Start life without wrong people. Make new friends and let them know about your difficulties. That is the only solution you got. Never blindly trust people because you never know their intentions. Do not let this disappointing situation overcome you. You learned your lesson very carefully and now it is time for you to go on. Forget your past. Maybe somebody will pleasantly surprise you. You never know.

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