Heartbreak Relationships

Thank You For Letting Me Go

letting me go
Semsa B.
Written by Semsa B.

Every person at least once in their life felt alone and disappointed. At one point you can experience a totally unexpected turn in your relationship that is difficult to understand. The new beginning is always tough; sometimes even unimaginable. In some cases, we simply lose sight of the common future with the person we were imagining to spend future beautiful moments and with whom we wanted to share life and memories. When something like this happens, especially when you are the one who is left behind, there are a number of questions that are difficult to answer. You’re trying to figure out what were the mistakes you made, what is wrong with you, and how you should have acted in past to avoid this kind of end. Despite all the effort and precious moments, the relationship has come to an end – and you simply cannot understand that your beloved person refused you and did not offer any good reason for giving up on your relationship.

Each break up is difficult and every person bears it in its own way. For some people, it takes weeks or even months to recover, and some people keep they selves as busy as they cannot think of a recent negative experience. Regardless of how you deal with breakups, everyone at some point feels negative emotions such as depression and insecurity. A woman who has experienced a rejection of her beloved one can completely lose her will to try once again and she simply ceases to believe that love will happen again. Still, no matter how long your period of mourning will last, you shall not forget some important facts.

Even though you invested a lot in your relationship, your partner did not react in the same way. Now you feel that your heart is broken because you were a person that trusted too much and you didn’t want to give up because you believed your relationship is worth fighting for. Your partner has decided he no longer wants to try and you don’t know how to live with that discovery. In such situations, it is important to understand that the negative experience is still a good experience and that you can come out smarter from it. Time will show that every break up occurs for a valid reason and that some people are simply not destined to stay together.

Although you now feel alone and rejected, this will not last forever. There is a reason for saying that time heals everything; so give yourself all the time you need to feel good again. Once you release all the negative feelings and reproaches you have had for the person who hurt you, you will be able to see all the things you missed while you were suffering. Finally, when you feel that the person you are with is not happy, it seems better to break up on time. Although you might think that at first glance there is no reason for breaking up, the experience will show you that there is a good reason why things happen at a certain point in time.

Try to recall all the things you’ve always enjoyed alone. Hanging around with friends is healthy and necessary for you so you can feel good in your own skin again. Keeping busy is always a good idea to help your thoughts not to wander around. Also, if you are busy most of the time, your emotional burden will be easier to take. Walking in nature will help you clean your head as well as engaging in any sport. Do not avoid socializing with people, because you never know what unexpected place you can meet a new interesting person.

Finally, allow yourself to heal from the previous negative experience and give yourself the chance for something better. We all deserve to forget the past and look forward to the exciting future. When you finally realize that a painful break up was actually the right decision, you will be able to say these words to your past love: Thank you for letting me go. Happiness is often just around the corner; we just need to recognize it and feel the contentedness again.

Thank You For Letting Me Go