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Thank You For Teaching Me a Valuable Lesson

teaching me a valuable lesson
Written by Chloe M.
Many persons pass through your life, but just a few of them leave a good impression. You can either like them or let them go. You may think they have appeared in your life for some reason or with a lesson left behind them. In my case, the second one prevailed. I will share my story with you. I met „my best friend“ at the beginning of high school or that is what I used to think she was. We met each other in an unusual way. I was at the bakery shop buying some bread and I missed some money. She was right behind me, waiting in the row. When she realized I was in trouble, she came to me and paid instead of me. I felt like an orphan. She was all in black and even painted her nails in black and had some piercings on her nose. I thought „what a freak“.
I was distraught for a moment. In the meantime, she left the shop. I did not manage to thank her. My only words were: „Dear God, there are still good persons in this world“. The day after, I was entering the classroom when I heard the voice behind me saying „Hey girl, what’s up?“ O my Gosh, that was her, my savior. Now I could say thank you and I did it. It turned out that she was in the same class as me. Since that moment, we have become the best friends. Katty and I were sharing each other things, spending time together, studying and going to the parties. There was no secret between us. I was really lucky and happy girl. Everything was so nice until that horrible moment.
Her mother died and I felt sorry for her. I did not want to bother her because I thought she needed some time to herself. After two days, I called her. She told me to stop bothering her all the time and she just hangs up. I thought she acted like this because she was still vulnerable. Day after day, week after week, month after month. No call from her. I was waiting for her crying in my room because of her. What did I do wrong? Am I guilty because all that happened? My mum gave me an advice and told me to go visit her. When I got to her home, she was there laughing with other pupils from our class.
I wanted to say something, but I just could not. Words stuck in my throat. I could not even breathe for a moment. My whole world fell apart. I lost my best friend. I lost hope of having a good friend. After that, I realized she did not deserve my friendship.
The conclusion from this story is that you cannot predict what would happen. Something unexpected can happen to you when you least expect it. There were and there will always be right and wrong people in your life. You have to trust yourself and be a best friend to you. You never know when will somebody disappoint you. Everything may seem perfect, but in fact is not. But, I learned my lesson from this experience and I must say thank to „my best friend“ for teaching me a valuable lesson. Life is unpredictable. People are unpredictable, too.
We are all humans, we all make mistakes, but it is your decision whether you will allow such thing happen to you. Bad things happen. Life goes on despite everything. From every bad situation, you can come out of it much stronger and be more aware of whom you trust. Some people do not deserve your time and your fidelity, especially your effort. Lessons are part of our lives and without it, you could not live. Real teachers are people who have experienced some bad things and later retold their story. So, say „thanks“ to people who have taught you something because every lesson counts. Just be sure you have right person next to you and a person who is always there to give you an advice.Things are really much easier when you have somebody to rely on.

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