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Please Let Him Go Because He Can’t Make You Happy

Make you happy
Leslie Blair
Written by Leslie Blair

Happiness. A thing that all humans aim for every second of every day. But what is exactly happiness? What do you need to do or get in order to be happy? It all depends on the type of a person you are and the things that make you happy. However, one thing is certain, real happiness comes from within. And sometimes, for us to achieve that happiness, in the long run, we have to do things that hurt.

A few weeks ago, I was having a lunch with my four friends, talking about our love life and whatnot. I remember one of them saying that sometimes we need to stick by our partners even when the relationship is going downward. Immediately the other friend followed up with words of disagreement. Being mildly entertained by them bickering with one another I decided to simply listen and see the outcome of their discussion. The discussion was concluded by the words of my wise friend- ” If you’re going to feel alone and unhappy in a relationship, why not feel alone all by yourself?”. There is nothing worse than lying beside someone and feeling alone in that bed.

Letting go

All relationships have ups and downs. It is what makes a relationship stronger or weaker. But at what point is letting go the best choice?  Is it when being in that relationship makes us sad more than it makes us happy? Because no matter how in love you are, if you are not happy anymore in that relationship then there is clearly something wrong. No matter how happy you were before and the beautiful history you may share with him, you need to think about the now and the future.

If you think that hanging in there is the real strength, it is not. Sometimes we stay in a relationship purely out of habit or fear that we will not manage to be on our own. You rely so much on your partner that you never do things on your own anymore. You go shopping together, you go to the cinema or you simply dine together. Doing all these things by yourself may seem lonely but it is better to be alone and find your happiness than being stuck in an unhappy relationship. Letting go can be the hardest thing to do.

Waiting and fighting for someone can sometimes be right, but ask yourself this- Would that person wait and fight for you? If you are doubting this, then it may be time to let go. If you are not enjoying yourself while being with him and if everything is starting to feel forced and if you are constantly trying to bring that spark back to life, maybe it is time to let go. Love is supposed to make us happy if there is no happiness in a relationship then how there can be love in a relationship?

Finding yourself

True happiness comes from within so finding yourself after a relationship can be a step closer to being happy. Try things that you never tried before. Take some time to know yourself more. Being in a relationship can shift the focus away from you and onto the relationship. Bring that focus back on yourself and your own inner happiness.

Please Let Him Go Because He Can’t Make You Happy