Human beings are very strange beings. God created us in our own picture and purpose, but we used to abuse that creation. Nobody is here without a real purpose. God made you with his reason and you should respect that. Not respecting others, we have become a god for ourselves. With many misconceptions and prejudices, others tell you what something or someone should look like. If you allow yourself to be created according to them, then you will never be yourself. You will never stand firmly on the ground. The picture of you will get lost. People expect you to be their beauty slave because they know the value of nothing. Nowadays, human beings judge you by your appearance, not by your value. If you are unable to stand up to such criticism, then you are powerless.

As a girl, you should have long hair, long, polished nails, always wear makeup and you should be slim. That will be the image of a perfect woman. But, what if you do not look like this? If your physical appearance distinguishes from these traits, you are regarded as a „freak“. Just a slight of difference makes you crazy person. People need to know that each person looks different. Without difference, we all would resemble on each other. It would be really boring if we all look the same. The difference is interesting and it makes a person recognizable. Go cut your hair or go take a tattoo if that makes you happy. Do not let anybody tell you what to do. You are nobody’slave. The same rule applies to men. If you have long hair and it suits you well, come out on the street and walk with the head raised up. You will feel as the winner of the battle. It will make you feel like floating up the world. You just have to accept yourself just the way you are.

Remember that this world is much more than just physical appearance. „ Do not judge a book by its cover“- meaning that do not judge people by their physical appearance but get to know them better. Go meet people and talk with them. Listen to their story. Let them introduce themselves, then try to talk about their feelings and thinkings. It is true when people say that the first impression is the most important characteristic, but it is not crucial. Listen more to their life, their experiences, their virtues. Only then could you know them better.

„ I wish I had hair as yours“, or „ Why am I not as tall as you are?“ All these questions every girl have asked. Why do not you respect yourself just the way you are? Maybe you are not pretty to one person, but you are pretty to others. You should have a nice opinion about yourself. You should be more self-confident. If only somebody could explain what is the real concept of the word „pretty“ or „ugly“. Nobody is ugly and everybody is pretty. You should think in this way because that way is the correct one. There is nothing more beautiful than a girl or man with developed self-confidence and thrust. Everybody’s taste is different. It is not worth discussing it. We are all different. Do things that make you smile and valuable. Work on yourself. Build yourself as a person. Do not take in observation every opinion people have of you. Do not cover your face because of timidity. If you have some defect, do not be dejected because of it. Show people who you truly are and what you possess. I am sure you have more good virtues than bad ones. Do not be shy to expose them. Be satisfied with your body and learn how to love it. Try to give other people a couple of nice compliments and you will see that will make them feel really nice and self-confident. Avoid bad compliments and malicious criticism. You are not worth it. Each of us should look on the bright side of someone’s personality. Nobody is perfect, but we can always be better in every sense. Just do not give up and walk boldly through life.