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5 Rules That Will Tell You How To Forget Someone You Love

How To Forget Someone You Love
Written by Nela Baricevic

If you have someone that you deeply love but you’re no longer in a relationship, let me help you discover how can you forget that person as soon as possible. If you keep forcing yourself to stop thinking about him just because he broke your heart, I must tell you that that is the wrong way! Stop blaming. Stop crying your heart out. And, for God’s sake, quit looking at his pictures and those gifts he gave you when the two of you were still in a relationship.

I’m not gonna lie to you. These five rules that will tell you how to forget someone you love are not going to be easy. Sure, it will be easy to read them. Once. Twice. As many times you want. But to follow and to live by them – no, it won’t be easy. Not even near that.

Now, go through these rules which will teach you how to forget someone you love. As you expect them to be, they are simple to read, but difficult to follow. But once you do it, you’ll feel better. A lot! And that is a promise. Finally, nobody ever said forgetting someone you love is easy, so neither I will.

First rule: Give yourself one last night regretting what happened. Do you see that I bold the part “one last night”? Do you? It’s important because we can go on only if you do. So, use that night to the fullest. Take some time off from family and friends. Go into your room and close the door. Go through your memories once again. Think about that special someone. Cry. Scream into the pillow. Then cry again. Throw to the floor the last birthday gift he gave you. Then bring it to the heart and cry some more tears. So, do you still wanna know how to forget someone you love? If you do, the next morning you wake up, you must follow the second rule and that one is not going to be easy…

Second rule: Collect all memories in one box and get rid of them. (Yes, including those birthday gifts you still love.) I know you may think you’re too weak for that. I know you may still miss that someone to the bones, but do you really wanna stay in this feeling of regret? And for how long? Don’t you think, my dear, that it is time to make space for some new happy and exciting memories, rather than crying and mourning about something that no longer exists? I have already admitted that forgetting about someone you still love isn’t easy. But nobody ever said it should be easy, right? So, what are you waiting for? For even more pain? For some brand new tears? Come on, girl. Be kind to yourself and get rid of those things that are making you want him even more. Don’t do this to yourself! You are worth more than that!

Third rule: Delete those old messages! Delete his number! Cut off any contact! I really mean it. And I mean it now! Not for a day or two. Not when you’ll be ready. Now you’re ready. Tomorrow you won’t feel any more ready than you feel now, and we both know that. It’s just fear that’s stopping you, but I’m 100% sure you can beat it.

By deleting old messages you won’t have an opportunity to find yourself re-reading your old conversations. If you, for any reason, don’t believe me, just think about it by yourself. Ask yourself what are you getting from going through your old messages? Wanna know what you will get? More pain and more blaming. Plus, more bad feelings.

By deleting his number you won’t be able to find yourself calling him in the middle of the night because you miss him. If you still wonder how to forget, I’m not gonna lie to you. Calls in the middle of the night don’t lead to forgetting someone you somehow still want. If you still want to find out how to forget someone you love, please, after deleting his number, go to the next rule.

Fourth rule: Accept that not everything in life goes the way we want. Accept that as an important life lesson. Trust me, once in your life, this lesson will show you its worth. That day that lesson will be more than helpful to you. Now, I’ll tell you that learning how to let go of someone you still love, when love is not an option anymore, will make you a stronger person for your future challenges. You’re not so sure that you want to let go? Okay, I can understand that too.

But just take a minute and look at the headline once again. You’re reading rules that will tell you how to forget someone you love and you’re telling me it’s not what you want? In that case, I think you must repeat the first step. Nothing wrong with it. You’re just one of the persons that need to go through each step a few times before moving to the next one.

Fifth rule: Move on. Smile and breathe. Live life to the fullest. Here comes the best part of forgetting someone. Moving on. Smiling. Simply living. Don’t use your time thinking about regret. You left that behind you, do you remember? Don’t use your time thinking about what could be. The only now you have is exactly this one! This very moment. You got so far learning how to forget someone you love. Don’t let it all go to waste. Appreciate the time that you used for letting go of those old feelings. Of that previous bittersweet taste that he left you with.

Move on. Meet some new people. Try some new sports and activities. Find a new hobby. Do whatever it takes to make some new value for your life. Don’t let his face be the last picture you see in your mind before falling asleep. Don’t let thinking about his smile make you feel warm inside. You got so far in forgetting him. Now stick to it.

Smile and breathe. When was the last time you danced? When was the last time you hugged someone? Please, tell me the last time that you felt free like a bird and happy, truly happy at the same time? Don’t you know that? If you don’t know, it’s time to fix that. Forget about tears. Forget about missing and loving him. It’s in the past. Now is the present. Now is what is important.

Live life to the fullest. Don’t ever forget what you went through. Remember because of what is coming to you. Remember because of your future days. And, can you do me another favor? If you ever find yourself stuck in that old, useless feeling, go through these rules once again. Teach yourself how to forget someone you love. Learn it again. There’s nothing bad about forgetting. Nothing bad about going through it once again. And then again and again. Apart from that, what is wrong is that you let go of yourself, and without any thinking about possible consequences you do what your heart tells you to do. Hearts can be blind. That’s why you can’t let your mind get blinded too.

Sometimes forgetting means healing. In order to forget, so in order to heal yourself as well, don’t forget that!


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