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4 Things To Do If He Is Losing Interest

Losing interest
Written by Karen Clark

When you are in a relationship, and especially if it is a long term one, it is common for it to reach a period in which some of the partners seem to be losing interest. Although this can only be a passing phase, it can also mean that your relationship has come to an end. Either way, it is always hard to be in a situation where your partner is losing interest, but there are some things you can do which will help you get through this period. Here are 4 of them.

  1. Don’t be too clingy

One of the first and in the same time, the worst mistakes, most of us make, when we feel the other person is losing interest is that we become too clingy. We do it without even being aware of it- it is a subconscious urge to keep this person next to us. But, actually, with being too clingy or too needy, we are only accomplishing the opposite effect. Behaving like this is not good at any point in the relationship, but it can be especially damaging in the phase when the other person is losing interest. So, if you have found yourself in a situation like this, the last thing you should do is chase him.  It’s ok to initiate contact once or twice, but if you see that this guy is not interested, avoid bothering him because he’ll only think of you as boring. If you think you can’t control yourself and if you don’t know when it’s time to stop contacting him, give yourself a deadline. If he doesn’t respond or tries to reach you by that time, it is a sign you need to back off. If you don’t this, he’ll only realize he can to whatever he wants and that he can leave you if he wishes to, because you act like you’d wait for him.

  1. Give him some space

When we feel that someone is moving away from us, our first impulse is to get closer to them. But, that could only push him away even further. So, when you feel that your partner is losing interest, the best thing you can do is to give him space. If he is pulling away, he is only indirectly showing you that he needs some space and this is what you should give him. The first thing you need to take into consideration is that he may not be losing interest for you and that he is actually going through a difficult period in his life and he needs some time and space to figure some things out. If he is really losing interest in you and in your relationship, giving them space is again the best possible option. This way, you’ll give him an opportunity to miss you and to realize whether he wants to continue being with you or not. Sometimes, our romantic partners take us for granted and they only realize how important we are for them once we show them how their life looks like without us in it. Your partner is obviously taking a time out and this is a perfect opportunity for you to do the same and reconsider and rethink your relationship.

  1. Remind him of what he’s been missing

If you think your partner is losing interest, maybe it’s time to take into consideration the fact that it’s not only his fault. Maybe you two have been together for ages and you simply don’t feel the need to seduce him anymore. So, maybe it’s time to show him what he’s been missing and what he’ll lose if he walks away from you. Do whatever it takes to look your best whenever you think you’ll see him. When the two of you are in bed, wear sexy underwear and go an extra mile to satisfy him. In these kinds of situations, it’s even acceptable to make him a little bit jealous, because that could make him realize he doesn’t want to lose you and could bring him back on track.

  1. Focus on yourself

Something you need to do while in a relationship, but especially when you feel that your partner is losing interest, is to get a life of your own. The worst thing you can do is to put your entire life on hold, waiting for your partner to make up his mind. So, instead of spending your days staring and the phone screen and waiting for him to call you, find the things that interest and satisfy you and focus on them. Take this time to focus on yourself, on your life, your passions, and dreams. This is the time to do everything you’ve always wanted to do and to work on your self-improvement. Instead of allowing your entire world to revolve around this one person, make yourself a priority. This way, you’ll have fewer regrets even if your relationship happens to fall apart.

4 Things To Do If He Is Losing Interest