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4 Signs You Are a Rebound Girl

rebound girl
Written by Selma

Being with a guy who carries a lot of emotional baggage from his previous relationships is one of the worst things there is. In the beginning, he seems perfect, but as time goes by, you realize he has some unresolved issues and you never know if he is really ready to move on or he is just using you to get over his ex-girlfriend. If you are in doubt whether you are dating a guy with emotional baggage or not, here are 4 signs you are his rebound girl.

  1. He recently got out of a long-term relationship

The first type of guys you should be careful about is the guys who have just gotten out of a long-term, serious relationship because these guys are usually in a search for a rebound girl and a rebound relationship, even if they don’t know it.  When two people are in an intense, long-term relationship, it is normal that both of them need time to get over the relationship and the other person. And every mature guy knows this. Therefore, he’ll take some time to heal emotionally before entering a new relationship. But, if your boyfriend has been jumping from one relationship to another and hasn’t given himself a break from dating, this is definitively a red flag. If he hasn’t given himself any time to grieve his past relationship, it is quite likely he hasn’t processed his breakup just yet and that he is not ready for a committed relationship with you. It may appear that this guy has really moved on from his previous relationship and that he behaves like that, but the ghosts from the pasts and unresolved issues he has with himself will come and get him, sooner or later, and that will affect you and your relationship, as well. Of course, this doesn’t have to be the case with all guys who recently ended a long-term relationship, but you should definitely be extra careful with them.

  1. His ex is still in his life

It is nice if your new boyfriend has stayed on good terms with his ex-girlfriend. But, that means that they’ll greet nicely and small talk when they meet once in a while. If he is still constantly talking or hanging out with her friends and family, this can mean that he is not over her and that he is trying to stay in his life through people close to her. Of course, these people were a part of his life for ages, as well, and he can’t simply cut them off overnight, but it’s important for him not to exaggerate because this can mean something else than just him being polite and friendly. Another thing you should pay attention to is if he constantly runs into his ex-girlfriend. The two of them were probably together for a long time, so it is natural they have similar habits, so they visit the same places, but sometimes this can be more than just a coincidence. You should ask yourself whether he has a subconscious urge to see her or for her to see the two of you together.

  1. He talks about his ex a lot

If the guy you are dating is always talking about his ex-girlfriend, it is a clear sign he is not over her. He does this without being aware of it, but he has an inexplicable urge to mention this girl constantly. She was a part of his life for a long time and he can’t behave like she never existed, so it is natural if sometimes it happens that he mentions her, but if she is still the only thing he talks about to everyone around him, including you, it is something you should definitely worry about. It doesn’t only mean he is not over her and you are his rebound girl- by doing this, he is also showing lack of respect for you and it means he doesn’t think of how this makes you feel at all.

  1. He is eager to show you off in public

When you first meet a guy, you are more than happy because he wants to show you off in public. You think he is proud to have you and you think this means he is madly in love with you. But, every relationship has its pace and if a guy is too eager to put pictures with you all over his social media and if he wants literally everyone around him to know he has a new girlfriend and how happy the two of you are, it can also be a sign that he is just trying to make his ex-girlfriend jealous. It is possible that he is doing this on purpose, just to get her attention and if this is so, it is a clear sign he is not over her and you are just his rebound girl.

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