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5 Sings That Your Man Is Sincere

your man is sincere
Written by Naida

“Honesty is more than not lying. It is truth telling, truth speaking, truth living and truth loving.” James E. Faust

Many women ask themselves daily if their partners are honest. Honesty is the main part of maintaining the relationship in a healthy and normal way. There are some signs that could show you if your man is sincere with you. So, if you are trying to find out if he is completely candid, these are some signs which could help you reveal.

  1. He is giving you the power to do anything.

He eulogizes you no matter if you are with him or he is with his friends or family. You can rely on him, in any situation. Since he loves you, and knows you better than anyone, he will never stop believing that you can do something. There is nothing that can stop you in realizing your ideas or anything you imagine you can do. You are sure in his words and you feel like you can trust him when he compliments you. There are no other motives which could make you suspicious about his words.

But you also have to be careful because he may want to change you in some way. It is like indirect praise which also means something more.

For example if he tells you, “You drive good for a lady,” or, “You dressed beautiful for a change.”

  1. His fights are fair.

We all have been in those awkward situations many times, where we need to make a decision about who is right. If your partner had a fight with someone or even with you, you will try to protect him or yourself no matter if he or you are not right. However, you always try to find out the solution which could please both sides and bring peace back to the relationship or friendship.

But no matter who is he arguing with, you feel like your man is so honest and a fair player that you don’t need to protect him at all. You know that the truth will come out to light, but until then, it really looks like you don’t want to listen to the other side.

If your man is honest, he will not be afraid of arguing or conflicts with anyone. If he is afraid of it, he will try to avoid it.

He never damages anyone, but he tries to talk through the problem. If anyone could try to solve the problem instead of blaming one another, let me tell you that the world would be a better place.

Your partner doesn’t give up until your problem is solved. He never tries to assure you that he is right, but he only tends to fix the things between you.

Honesty needs to come from both partners. If you want something your partner can’t know that until you tell him. And when you tell him, don’t yell about things and problems but stay patient because you and your partner are on same side.

  1. You and your partner want the same things.

When you meet your partner, you don’t question him about his intentions and future plans. It is only about falling in love with each other. However, after some time, you two need to meet one another better and then out of nowhere he tells you that he doesn’t want to marry ever. Or that he doesn’t like babies. You already planned everything in your head. You wanted a big house and many children, yet this is not the right guy.

Love and honesty are the main part of your relationship and its future. You may love each other, but if you don’t have same intentions and if you are not interested in same things, then love is not enough.

If you are still not sure in your partner’s future plans, it is probably time to ask him.

  1. He puts your relationship in the very first place.

He never endangers your connection. If you have plans for this week, he will never reschedule. He will let you know if he is going out with his folks and he will never worry you. You are sure that he is not seeing any other woman, and he makes sure to remind you that he would never fool you.

He is jealous but just as much as it needs. If you want to see your friends, he never complains.

If he, on the other side, never put an effort to go out with you or to make you happy in any way, then there are things that he prefers more than being with you. There is nothing serious and nice if you are the last thing that comes to his mind. Think about this and see what you can do.

  1. His communication skills are very good.

The main problem in relationships nowadays is communication. Many couples need to break up just because there was the lack of talk between them.

This, however, is not the problem in your relationship. Your partner knows how to open up to you and his honesty is very clear. If he wants to talk, he will be direct and brave to start the conversation no matter what it is about. Since there are no assumptions between the two of you, you may be calm and happy with your partner because his intentions are real and his honesty is his greatest feature.


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