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When You Walk Away From A Woman Who Loves You, This Is What You Lose

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You have decided to leave, and there is nothing more she could do. It was your choice and she needed to respect it. Maybe you were scared of your emotions. Or perhaps there is a past that is haunting you. Maybe you are not quite sure about being in a relationship. So, you are thinking over and over, you think about where is it all going to end, even if it didn’t exactly begin. To make it simple, you are probably not for the relationship right now.

But you shouldn’t run so far away in some other direction. Instead of running, you should be honest, you should feel pain and you should choose to make a one move forward. But no, it was probably easier to run away without knowing that those people you were running to were not nearly good enough like the person you ran away from. They were not ready to commit themselves, not ready to give you all they have.

You have decided to go away from a girl who reallyx loved you and cared for you. You exchanged a real and valuable thing for something that almost doesn’t have any good qualities. It was the affection that you are looking for instead of desire. You were seeking for something constant, yet you got provisional.

This girl you walked away from was really into you. She was able to open up herself to let you find out who she really is, and to see how great a person she is. She could turn you into a better man, because she was that great in love and commitment. Near her, you could feel so safe and protected. Her kindness and ability to love were immeasurable.

She was never afraid of falling in love. Her heart was big and full of love for you. Yet, you couldn’t see anything good in her. Her value for you was not enough to make you stay. You were not able to see how much effort she is making to maintain your relationship. She, on the other hand, thought that you two are something and that it’s worth fighting for. However, you left her alone.

You will probably never understand, but this woman truly wanted to be with you, truly wanted you to feel her love, just like to give her love in return. She was ready to settle down, because she saw in you everything she could ever imagine. She thought that you might be her friend, her partner, and her lover.

But you decided to leave her.

And now you probably regret that. You spend many nights thinking about what you could have if you didn’t leave. You have lost a woman who could take care of you, who could make you happy and who was able to lighten up your day. But it ends like this very often. People choose to leave and later they regret. And there is no explanation of why that happens. Why do people leave those who are great for them? Do they need someone more challenging? Do they see those who offer them pure love just like an easy catch?

You had a chance to have a partner. Partner for life. There are so many souls who are trying to find a partner like the one that you had but also left.

I only hope that once again if you have a chance to meet a great woman, you will not take her for granted. This world is full of passable relationships and I don’t think that you can afford losing one more chance to have a great life with a woman that belongs only to you.

When You Walk Away From A Woman Who Loves You, This Is What You Lose