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We Didn’t Last Long But We Were Special

we were special
Written by Lejla

Does love have to be forever? Can you love or be loved for a short period of time or is love meant to be remembered for the rest of our life? Before I met him, I had only one opinion of love. You meet the right one, you date him and then you marry him and get 2 children and a white picket fence. Looking back at it, this view of love was quite unrealistic, but I was seventeen so you can cut me some slack. Now I know that there is not just one type of love, there are plenty and if something is not forever it doesn’t mean it is not special and real.

Meeting him

It may sound cliche but I met him at a local bookstore in my hometown. No, it was most definitely not a love at first sight, yet we both couldn’t look away for more than two minutes. After finding the book I wanted I quickly checked out and left without a backward glance. If you haven’t figured it out, I am a bit on the shy spectrum. Nevertheless, I got home and continued my day to day life. The stranger with the bright hazel eyes, or so I assume they are hazel considering I didn’t wear my glasses that day, would come to mind from time to time. After few weeks though, I barely remembered him.

But what story would it be without some plot twist? With summer coming along I decided to go to that bookstore for new summer releases. And there he was. By the way, his green eyes widened, I guessed he remembered me too. Yes, his eyes were green ( this time I conveniently had my eyeglasses on). I proceeded on with my usual routine. I got my books and checked out. Thinking I would simply walk out and forget the stranger after a few weeks, as I did before. But no such luck. Just as I was reaching for the door handle a male voice yelled out a ”Hey!”. Considering we were the only people left in the bookstore, I turned around. After some awkward stuttering, mainly from my side, I must admit, he asked me out. The rest is history.

Reason why

We dated for 3 months before we ended things. For those summery three months, I had the most fun I’ve ever had. We clicked on and had almost the same interests. He got along with my friends greatly and so did I with his friends. We even met each other’s parents, what a nightmare of awkwardness that was. If things were going so great, why did we break up you may ask? Well, similarities in a relationship can be good, but too many similarities can sometimes be too much. After some time both of us realized that our relationship is slowly coming to an end.

We tried to salvage whatever was left, but that wasn’t possible. Both of us were temperamental and we could go on fighting for days, without admitting to our mistakes. The relationship was starting to make us miserable, both of us.After lots of talking, some crying, we made a decision.

The end

We were going to end things. I am not going to say it was not hard. It was. We had something special going on and it was difficult to let go of that. It may even be one of the hardest things I had to do in my life.However, this way, I at least have a fairly untainted memory of that time. Looking back, I know I’ve been happy in the beginning but sometimes good things must come to an end.

Love doesn’t have to last forever. It can last for a few months, few weeks or even a few days and for it to still be real. Most importantly, love does not have to end after a break-up. A part of me still loves him. We were special. But I am happier without us being in a relationship. So, someone maybe aiming for forever and a white picket fence, but the forever-love is not the only type of love. Some love stories are made to be short-lived yet still beautiful.

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