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This Is How She Decides To Quit On You

quit on you

You know your partner. She was never that kind of girl who would make a scene. You know that she isn’t going to scream about quitting on you wherever she goes. She never acts like she is someone who she is not. This is not going to be like it is in the movies. It’s just different than that.

This is not something that needs to be a special thing. When someone wants to give up on you, you don’t want people to know. This is not a freaking drama, so don’t expect screaming or arguing for hours. No one is going to cry and no one is going to beg. Neither of you will fall to the ground or break things in the house. It will not be theatrically at all.

Until now, she used to act like she is walking away just to make you come for her and stop her. This time is different. There are no more reasons for her to stay. There is nothing that could keep her fighting for. She doesn’t find anything worth staying. She doesn’t have any reason to fight for you and your love. But she is not losing her hope. She still desperately hopes that things can eventually change. Not now, but one day maybe.

This is going to be a peaceful, delicate, and classy walking away and giving up on you. She is going to pack her bags with a smile on her face. She will make no effort anymore. Her emotions and feelings are going with her, so you can expect only a short look just to make sure once again that she made the right decision. She saved herself, at least that’s what she thinks.

However, she is not going to think about you often. It took her a while to make this decision and it wasn’t easy at all. She was overthinking and she tried to remember all those nice and lovely moments but in vain. The more she thought about that, the more she could remember only those unpleasant moments that you two lately had. It was a very hard decision to decide to give up on someone, but she didn’t have a choice. She couldn’t find one single reason that could make her stay.

It is very clear that she fought for you. You know how many times she tried to talk to you. You know how much effort she made to save your connection, to maintain the communication. She was very open to the idea of changing and she was ready to change everything in order to stay with you. But you didn’t make an exertion. You didn’t even try to love her.

She never rested. She never stopped making an effort just to see a little sign of your affection. But as anyone in the world would get tired, she did too. No one has that much energy to pull the strings on his own. So after your many wasted chances, after she gave you everything she’s got and after she didn’t get anything in return, she lost her hope. She lost her energy and wishes to keep you close.

So, now you probably understand why she is giving up on you. Maybe you understand why she is doing that peacefully. She tried to talk to you, she screamed and cried. She explained you for more than once how much she loves you and how much she wants to save your relationship. Everyone could see her love. Unfortunately, everyone but you. When she was the loudest, you didn’t hear her, so now she is going away from you in a complete hush.

She will take a deep breath and that will be devoted to all the things you could make together, if you could only understand her. But you couldn’t.

She is giving up on you, but she is proud of herself. She knows that no one will judge her for leaving because everyone could see her trying. And she knows that she will never come back to you.

So, remember once again. This girlfriend that you’ve had was really someone special. This girlfriend of yours tried everything to stay with you, but you couldn’t understand her needs. You took her for granted and you didn’t feel guilty at all. Her value was not something that you appreciated. And you will never hear from her. The last thing she said to you are words of begging and you didn’t like that. You hated when she begs. You disliked her words, but let me tell you that her silence will persecute you.

This Is How She Decides To Quit On You