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There Is Always Someone Who Thinks You Are Worthy

thinks you are worthy
Written by Naida

Since you were a child, everyone tells you about your value. They are teaching you to be brave and smart and to know how much you are worth. And really, that is the truth. You deserve to have someone in your life who will think that you are special, who will put you in front of everyone, who thinks you are worthy. You need to be more than enough for that person. Love is something that many people are trying to reach because really loving and being loved is the most beautiful thing you can experience.

This love, however, is not easy to reach. Not everyone gets a huge amount of unconditional love.

You need to find a person who will not abandon you because you deserve that. It is a person who knows how to be calm and who is going to be there for you for so much longer than you even expect. It is a person who refuses to leave no matter what happens. Even if you want him or her to leave, they would not listen to you, but they will stay. You deserve someone who will cross the borders that you set or any other barrier.

You really deserve a person who will not fear you if you decide to leave. This person will not let you to handle things by yourself. You can always count on this person and that means literally always. This love that you deserve is really something that is not supposed to worry you, but the love that would be safe and real. You shouldn’t question yourself for anyone, because you have learned by now how much you are worth. You deserve a partner who is real in his intention, who knows that you are not perfect, but still loves you with all his heart. No one should expect perfection because it does not exist, but let it be nearest to perfection.

You deserve a person who will make you feel desirable. If you find the right person, you should expect the huge amount of love and attention. This person would enjoy surprising you on a daily basis. You deserve a person who will miss you even if you didn’t see each other just for couple of hours. This person will love you, but will also expect you to love him in return.

You need to find a person who will care just enough. This person, however, should not be too obsessed with you because that makes you cramped. This person would be concerned if you are absent for too long. You need a person who makes your wishes come true, someone who cares about what you want.

You deserve nothing less than a partner whose love will be all over you. If your love is true, you will know that, you will know how to live a great life together. This person will tell everyone about how special you are and how lucky he is for having you in his life. He will also tell you everything that bothers him, but only when you are alone. That is a trait of a real partner who is serious about the relationship that he is in. You deserve a partner who will blow your mind when you are alone. Your intimacy would be amazing because both of you are very passionate about each other. This person would like to cuddle with you and would take you to romantic dates.

It is worth waiting for this person, because once when you find each other, you will know that that’s it. Also, you will never be unsatisfied because if this is real, you will have a partner who you share your life with, a friend who is always there for you and a lover who can never get enough of you.

You deserve a person who will never put anyone before you, who will make you his most important person. You need to find a person who will not treat you like an option. And you need to wait for this person unless he comes. Don’t mess around with people who are not good for you. There has to be someone who will make your life brighter. Someone who will know how to deal with your love and who will know how to give you exactly what you deserve. So, wait for someone who will be terrified of losing you. That is the only one who is worth waiting for and the one who deserves the amazing person that you are.


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