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10 Signs Of True Love From a Man Who Doesn’t Express Himself Much

signs of true love from a man
Written by Deborah Carbone

Some men aren’t very good at revealing their true feelings, and that’s okay. Some people are just more inclined to keep themselves, and the same goes for women. However, it can make it difficult to date someone who is like this because you never really know what is going through their head. You find yourself looking for signs of true love from a man who doesn’t express himself much, and you might not know what it is that you’re searching for. That’s why it’s important to get to know the signals and tells of a man who keeps to himself.

Though every man and woman is different, signs of true love from a man don’t tend to differ very much. Every man who treats the woman he loves well will have a repertoire of behaviours that are signs of true love from a man, even when he doesn’t say it out loud all of the time.

He texts you all the time

He always misses you the moment you leave him. You might have just left his driveway and he’ll find an excuse to message you. He likes to think you’re in constant contact with him. He texts you because he’s thinking of you and loves you more than you think. His attention isn’t anywhere else because he’s focussed on you alone. Even if his texts are just about what he ate for lunch, or asking how your day was, a man who wants to reach out via text a lot is there to stay in your life.

He makes time for you

Life gets busy all the time, but signs of true love from a man is one that always has a spare moment for you. He cancels plans for you if he has to so that he doesn’t miss out on spending time with you. He knows that you should always be his priority, so he keeps that in mind when he’s planning the weeks and months ahead. He never feels like your time together is enough and he’d happily spend every waking moment at your side if he could. This is one of the signs of true love from a man who keeps his thoughts to himself.

He has your best interests at heart

He never tries to sway you towards a bad decision, and he never expects you to do something for him that could be harmful to you. He guides you as best he can to be the best you can be, and he supports you when you’re making a difficult or significant choice that will affect your life. Even if it will make your relationship hard, he’ll always put you before your romance. For example, if you get a good job opportunity that means you’d be far apart, he’d still encourage you to succeed and do what’s best for you.

He makes an effort to make you smile

No matter how difficult life gets, he’s always by your side trying to encourage a smile from you. He knows how to make you laugh even when you’re close to tears. One of the signs of true love from a man is when he understands you so well that he always knows when something’s wrong and how to make it better. This man knows you inside out and because of it, he’s a perfect partner.

He never tries to change you

He understands that everyone has some flaws, and he accepts that you are no exception. When you do something wrong, or if you have a habit he dislikes, he doesn’t get angry with you. He just knows that you’re worth a few little slip-ups and annoyances. He knows that the pair of you are happy together, and he’d never want to lose that over something insignificant. He vows to love you exactly as you are, even when sometimes, you’re not the easiest person in the world to be with. He would never walk away from you

He appreciates you via social media

Every photo you put up on Instagram, he’s the first person to like it. Every time you share something on Facebook he appreciates the humour behind it. He might not spend his time declaring his love for you all over the internet, but one of the clear signs of true love from a man is how he behaves on social media. It’s a tell-tale sign when he’s constantly interacting with your online presence that he really cares about you.

He’s more loving over text

A man that struggles to be open and affectionate will often feel better approaching you from a distance. If he’s cutesy and sweet with you over text, but sometimes a little withdrawn in person, it’s actually a sign that he really cares. A man who struggles to open up can be quite shy, meaning anything they want to say to your face is often better expressed through a message. Think of it as a romantic gesture. Love letters aren’t so common anymore, but one of the signs of true love from a man is a sweet and affectionate text.

He snuggles up to you

A man of few words will often express himself better through actions. If he likes to sleep next to you, cuddle up on the couch to watch movies and spend his time touching you, he definitely loves you. Men are never touchy-feely with people they’re unattracted to or don’t care much about. It’s a true sign of love when a man spends his whole time trying to get up close and personal with you. This also means he’s more likely to want sex with you. Though sex and love don’t necessarily come hand in hand, if he’s always interested in you physically, even after a long time together, he definitely feels emotionally bonded to you.

He tells you things he never tells anyone

Men don’t like to talk at the best of times, and a man who doesn’t express himself much rarely talks about the things that bother him. That’s why if he’s opening up to you when usually he keeps to himself, you know it’s real. He doesn’t feel like he has to hold back with you and he trusts that you can keep a secret for him. When an emotionally closed off man admits his feelings aloud, he really believes you’re a permanent fixture in his life, and he clearly loves you with all of his heart.

Signs of true love from a man – he’s still here

When every other man has left you behind in his past, a tell of someone who loves you is the one guy that sticks. He’s been around for a while, and he puts up with all of your flaws. He never makes you feel bad about yourself, he respects you and he keeps you close as much as possible. He might not tell you he loves you all the time, but one of the main signs of true love from a man who doesn’t express himself much is that he’s stuck around. He doesn’t have anywhere else he wants to be – his place is by your side.

10 Signs Of True Love From a Man Who Doesn’t Express Himself Much