8 Signs a Man Wants to be With You When He’s With Someone Else

signs a man wants to be with you
Written by Deborah Carbone

We’re not mind readers, and sometimes it’s like every guy we come across is trying to make our lives a little harder. They don’t always say what they want, which is why you have to look for signs a man wants to be with you in other places, especially if he’s already with someone else. He might not tell you directly, but his actions will reveal the truth that he could be denying to himself and everyone around him. If he’s displaying signs a man wants to be with you when he’s with someone else, you need to control the scenario.

When a guy is faced with a choice between two women, it’s something he tends to want to back away from. It’s a lot of responsibility to handle, and it is a difficult one to embrace if you don’t want to hurt someone else’s feelings. That’s why if you see these signs and you want to be with the guy, you need to let him know. He needs to be sure or he won’t make a move. Here are the signs a man wants to be with you, even if he’s dating another girl.

He spends more time with you than with her

A girlfriend should always be the main priority of anyone dating her, so it’s not a good sign of a healthy relationship when the guy puts someone else first. If you find that he’s looking for excuses to be around you all the time and neglecting his partner, it shows that his feelings for you override whatever he has with her. This is one of the most obvious signs a man wants to be with you. He will be attracted to the company he wants to keep, and it’s clearly not her if he’s always hanging out with you.

He always asks to hang out just the two of you

Even though you probably have a lot of mutual friends, when he calls up to hang out, he only invites you along. He wants to get you on your own so that he can keep you all to himself. Another sign is when he doesn’t invite his partner to join you. It shows he’d much rather spend alone time with you and get her out of the way.

He doesn’t like you to get too friendly with his partner

When a guy likes two girls at once, he wants to avoid complicating things even further by introducing you to one another. If you were friends before they got together, he tries to keep the pair of you apart for fear of making his choice even more difficult. If you’ve never met, he plans to keep it that way. On the other hand, if he’s happy for the two of you to spend a lot of time together and become friends, he’s probably comfortable in the relationship he’s in and not interested in being with someone else.

He takes a lot of interest in your love life

This might seem like a strange one, but it’s one of the definitive signs a man wants to be with you, even if he’s in a relationship. He will constantly snoop into your romantic endeavours, claiming that no one you are dating is good enough for you. He will never be satisfied by any man you pick because he’s aware that none of those men is him. It’s a form of jealousy because if he can’t have you, he doesn’t want anyone else to either. If you’re dating other people, it also makes it more difficult for him to decide how to proceed in his own relationship. If he likes you, but you’re with someone else, he will probably continue dating the other girl until he knows breaking up with her will be worth it for him. It’s selfish of him, but it does show he cares a lot and is scared of hurting himself as well as the other people involved.

He admitted drunk that there’s issues in their relationship

You have always been a friend to him and you’re there to listen when he has relationship issues. The thing is, he’ll tell you one thing drunk and then keep quiet when he’s sober. This could be one of the signs a man wants to be with you. He’s probably a little loose lipped when he’s a had a few drinks, meaning he’s much more willing to admit that nothing is perfect in the relationship he’s in. But if he keeps quiet about it sober, there’s a reason. He wants you to know how he feels, but he never has the confidence to say it when he’s sober. They say that when you’re drunk you reveal the truth, so it’s important to listen carefully to what he’s saying when he’s had a few too many.

You have been friends for a long time

If you have been friends for a long time, it’s often because you have a very close bond. Often this can change to love between a man and a woman. They can’t help but show they care about you when you’re always around each other and in almost constant contact. The girl he’s with probably can’t compete with that, especially if she’s not been around for very long. The friendship of a certain length is hard to replace and the feelings between you will also be stronger in any case. If you feel the same way, let him know before he gets in any deeper, or you’ll spend a long time regretting that you didn’t jump in at the deep end when you had the chance.

He used to like you and you rejected him

This is one of the most obvious signs a man wants to be with you. If there have been strong feelings there in the past and he never truly moved on, then it’s entirely possible that they still remain now. If he kept you in his life after admitting unrequited feelings to you, it’s because he’s not ready to let you go. He values you as a friend, but he will always want more. He might be happy in his relationship now, but if he still keeps you around even after he’s moved on romantically, there’s definitely still strong, raw emotions beneath the surface. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean he wants to act on them, so a scenario like this is harder to navigate.

Signs a man wants to be with you – he keeps holding on

No matter what you go through as friends, he keeps displaying signs a man wants to be with you. He sticks by you no matter what, treats you like a princess and makes you feel good about yourself. He treats you the way he should be treating his girlfriend and if that’s the case, it’s probably time for him to admit to himself you’re the one he wants to be with. If you feel the same, let him know before he makes the mistake of committing to someone he doesn’t really love. He’s showing all the signs a man wants to be with you and if it’s a possibility, there’s no sense in wasting this chance you have between you.

8 Signs a Man Wants to be With You When He’s With Someone Else