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This Is What The Man Who Doesn’t Play Games Will Teach You

Man Who Doesn’t Play Games
Semsa B.
Written by Semsa B.

Every woman found herself in a situation where she could not exactly define what some man wanted from her. Sometimes games played by men can be interesting and appealing and can make us put more effort. Men who are not available at every moment are much more exciting to some women than men who are constantly there. Men who play games won’t text you back immediately – in fact, it might take hours for them to simply replay one message. Also, he will often simply have some other plans that are more exciting for him than to hang out with you. Even though he knows how much you like him, a man who plays games will do his own thing and he won’t let you came too close to him. You can never know exactly where you are standing.

But the real question is how much we can actually expect from a man who always plays games. Perhaps he is setting the conditions for his future life in which you will constantly wonder if you really know him and is he telling the truth. The other question is whether the game-playing man is actually so exciting or just troublesome. It can be adventurous for some short time, but if we plan to have an adult relationship, we need to put our cards on the table.

The man who plays the games is the one who will never tell you the truth. With his words, he is able to turn every situation to his advantage and to get out of any trouble.  Such a man will hardly ever understand any girl seriously – as sooner as you realize this it will be better for you. Although every one of us at least once thought that we would be the ones who would change the man who is a player, the reality is a bit different. Such man can seem exciting, but we will actually find our happiness with a man who does not play games and who is completely honest with us.

So, what can a man who doesn’t play games teach you? Such a man will teach you that sincerity still exists and that not all men, as well as women, are the same. He will teach you that your time is precious and that you do not have to fight to gain his attention because you already have it. He will not keep you impatient for hours and make you nervous by not appearing on the agreed place or at an agreed time. He will show you that love is not hard and that you do not have to be afraid to talk about your feelings. You might in past have had a feeling that love is often some sort of a battlefield, but a man who does not play games will show you that you don’t need to build your walls or protect yourself. Such a man will not be afraid to be in a serious, devoted relationship. Moreover, he will be happy to have such a special girlfriend by his side.

Even in difficult situations, a man who does not play games will not make you doubt yourself and reconsider your relationship. He will always show understanding and patience for you. Even though you will be unbearable to yourself on some days, this man will make your hard moments easier to bear. The best of all is the fact that you do not have to play games either when you are with a man like this. It will be enough just to be you and to enjoy a healthy, adult relationship. When you realize you are with a man who doesn’t play games, you will understand and appreciate what you have. After all, once you grow up you see that games are for children and adult people should know how to talk with words and be careful with each other feelings. So, instead of trying to figure out what is the best way to deal with a player, you should try to recognize a man who doesn’t play games and who will make you understand why games are unnecessary when you have a right person by your side.

This Is What The Man Who Doesn’t Play Games Will Teach You