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5 Perks Of Being Single

perks of being single
Written by Lejla

With Valentine’s Day closing in and celebration of relationships starting to jump us at every corner, I thought about all the single people out there, myself included. True, being single can sometimes be lonely and we can feel out of place with all our friends having their significant others. However, being single can be utterly great.You can feel whole even when you are single. Finding wholeness within yourself is one of the most gratifying feelings ever.

Freedom to Flirt

Flirting and going to dates is fun. When you are committed to someone though, flirting with other people is considered cheating. On the other hand, if you are single, you have every right to flirt and date whomever you want.  You have all the right in the world to flirt with that guy that is checking you out at the club, the restaurant or wherever you feel like it. You can even try out speed-dating.  You can find out what you search for in a partner and explore your own thoughts and feelings.

Saving money

Dating is expensive. All those date nights, anniversary gifts, Valentine’s Day gifts and much more can take a toll on your bank account. But, if you are single you can use that money to buy something for yourself. Wouldn’t it be nice to buy that jacket you were mooning on for months? Or that book you had your eye on since November?Maybe you can even go on that trip you always wanted to go? With being single you can spend that money on yourself or your family and friends.  Save that money in your pocket and treat yourself.

Time for yourself

Instead of spending your free time with your significant other, you can actually spend that time to do something to improve yourself or simply to indulge yourself. You can take courses of something you always wanted to learn, go hiking or start a new hobby. There are so many opportunities and you have all the time in the world. When you are in a relationship, you want to spend as much time as you can with that person, this is not necessarily a bad thing. When you are single, however, you have all that time all to yourself. Besides, you can watch what you want and eat what you want, without judgment.

Hanging out with friends

Even if we don’t want to admit it, a relationship can influence or social life. It inevitably reduces the time we spend with our friends. You start making excuses why you can’t make it to that coffee date or party more and more. Now, you can actually spend time with your friends whenever you want. More importantly, that time is now free and you can go for a cup of coffee anytime you want. Plus, you can actually hang out with your male friends without any risk of jealousy from your partner.

No family meeting awkwardness

Yes, we’ve all been there. Meeting his family is bound to be awkward, no matter if they like you or not. That awkwardness will diminish into thin air soon, as long as they in fact like you. If his family, for some reason does not like you..brace yourself. Because from now on, every time you meet them it is going to be awkward. And if you also reciprocate those feeling, voila- a recipe for a disaster. Imagine being forced to interact with people you don’t like but you have to pretend you like them. It is not fun at all. Even meeting his friends can be stressful, especially if you feel like you don’t fit in with them. However, if you are single there is no need for a fear of that dreaded meeting. You can enjoy your life, awkwardness-free.

These are only five perks of being single, there are many more, like having your bed all to yourself or not having to dress up everytime you go out. If you are single, just remember that it also has a bright side and you should enjoy your single life while it lasts. Don’t rush into the search for your soulmate. Enjoy your freedom.And the biggest perk of them all, you can dance to Single Ladies as much as you want, without feeling like a liar.

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