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20 Sweet Words To Tell a Girl

Sweet words to tell a girl
Written by Karen Clark

Something, there is much more love in other words than simple “I love you”- you just need to be creative. If you are out of ideas on sweet words to tell a girl, here is something that can serve you as an inspiration.

  1. You make me a better person

One of the most important sweet girls to tell a girl is that she has made you a better person. For every girl, this is a compliment, because it means she has made a difference in your life- she improved you as a person and there is nothing more valuable than that.

  1. You are beautiful

If you want to compliment your girlfriend regarding her looks, it’s always better to tell her she is beautiful than just to tell her how hot she is. Sadly, most guys have lost the habit of giving this simple compliment that means a lot to every girl.

  1. Your opinion is important

Although every girl enjoys to be complimented for her looks, what is even more important is to compliment her brains. But, instead of just telling her how smart she is, it is always a better option to tell her that her opinion matters to you, which implies that you appreciate her judgment making.

  1. I appreciate everything you do

Besides appreciating her opinion, it is important to tell your girlfriend how much you appreciate everything she does for you and for your relationship. Every girl puts a lot of effort for a relationship to really work, so it’s nice if you notice that.

  1. You are a dream come true

One of the sweet things to tell a girl is that she is a dream come true. By telling her this, you are saying how happy you are that you have her in your life and that she is everything you could ever wish for.

  1. I would choose you again

If you are in a long term relationship, sometimes your significant other can forget how much you love her. So, it is always nice to remind her of your love by telling her that you would choose her again. By saying these words, you are telling her you have no regrets and that you wouldn’t change a thing if you had the chance.

  1. You make me feel stronger

Another one of the sweet words to tell a girl is that she makes you stronger. She is the wind in your wings and she is the one who moves you to go through life and to fight different challenges. By this, you are showing her how important she is in your life.

  1. I want to protect you

When a man loves a woman, he has the urge to protect her. And even if she is independent and strong, every girl enjoys having a man who wants to keep her safe and who wants to take care of her.

  1. You turn me on

Every girl likes to be attractive for her boyfriend. And you may think this is something implied and doesn’t have to be said- but, trust me, when you say it out loud, it will make her feel better about herself and about her body.

  1. You are my soulmate

When you tell your girlfriend she is your soulmate, it means that she is your forever person. This sentence shows a level of commitment and it means that the relationship the two of you have is not just something temporary.

  1. You are special to me

One of the sweet words to tell a girl is saying how special she is to you. When you say this, you are telling her that she stands out from every other person in your life and that she has her own special place in your life and heart.

  1. I could never get enough of you

If you tell your girlfriend that you can never get enough of her, you are telling her that she never bores you and that you could never get tired of you. Besides being a nice thing to say, this will also boost her self-esteem because what you are actually telling her is that everything she has to say interests you.

  1. Don’t ever change

One of the sweet words to tell a girl is that you don’t want her ever to change. This has a deeper meaning- it means that you respect her as an individual and would never try to control her. In the same time, it shows how much you love her for who she really is, together with all of her imperfections.

  1. You give my life meaning

If you tell someone they give your life meaning, it means that this person is your second half. It means that without her, you wouldn’t feel complete and implies that you couldn’t ever imagine living your life without this girl by your side.

  1. You are my family and my best friend

If you have the right person by your side, she won’t just be your lover, but also your family and your best friend. So, if you feel this way, it is important to tell her that, because it will mean a lot to her. By saying this, you are telling your girlfriend that she understands you and that you would want her by your side even if you two weren’t a couple.

  1. I dreamt of you

One of the sweet words to tell a girl is that you’ve dreamt of her. If you say these words to her, she’ll know that you think of her that much that she appears in your dreams, as well and trust me- she will be flattered to know that.

  1. You are an amazing person

If you tell someone they are an amazing person, it is one of the greatest compliments you could give them. These sweet words hold a lot in them and by telling them to your girlfriend, you are declaring your admiration towards her personality and for the person she has become.

  1. I am thankful for having you

It is always nice to know that someone is thankful to have us in their lives and it is one of the best compliments you can give to your better half. It means that she has empowered your life on so many levels and that you can’t be but grateful for that.

  1. I would do anything to see you smile

If you tell your girlfriend you would do anything possible to see her happy and smiling, this tells a lot about your love for her. These words show that you could never be completely happy if she doesn’t feel the same. It also tells her how her needs and well-being is and always will be relevant for you.

  1. I will never stop loving you

Although it is impossible to claim we will never stop loving someone, this is one of the sweet things to tell a girl. Besides being romantic, it will give her sense of security and she will remember these words every time you two argue or are going through rough times. If your girlfriend ever doubts your love, she will hold on to these sweet words and they will comfort her.

20 Sweet Words To Tell a Girl