You Should Never Mess With Women Who Wear All Black

wear all black
Written by Selma

Black is my favourite colour. Although many people connect it with sadness or depression, being the darkest of all colours and being the preferable funeral colour, for me- black is a very happy colour.

But, this wasn’t always the case. I’ve learned the power of wearing all black and ever since, I am using it to my advantage. With years, wearing all black has become my signature, a part of who I am. In the beginning, I’ve heard comments, people wondering why I don’t wear other colours. But, now, I think nobody could recognize me if I wore any other colour. And I couldn’t imagine myself in anything else but black.

Whether we like to admit it or not, we live in a male dominated world. And we may not like it, but too often we are perceived through our looks. You can be the most intelligent woman on the planet, but nobody will bother to give you a chance to show your brains and personality if they perceive you as a little, innocent girl. Sadly, most men are like that, especially when it comes to business- if they feel the need to protect you, they won’t consider you as their equal.

When I was younger, I preferred wearing pink or flower patterned dresses which I thought were showing my feminine and gentle side. But, after some time, I’ve realized that man around me were not taking me seriously enough. They patronized me and acted superior to me. I couldn’t think of a reason why that is so, because they’ve acted this way even before I was given a chance to talk to them or to present myself in any other way. So, I’ve realized it was because of my outfits.

What I’ve started noticing is that all of the women that I was looking up to were mostly wearing all black.

So, the colour black has become my shield. When I was in it, I imagined I was one of those women whom I admired so much. And with time, I really became one of them.

What all of these women had in common was that they were always treated with respect. They were all successful and self-confident and were never afraid to stand up for their beliefs. And above all, they didn’t try it- but somehow, they’ve managed to stand out from the masses. I didn’t know what it was, but they had something in them which made them unique and special.

At first, you might think that women who wear all black don’t care about their looks. So, they wear everything black because it simplifies things for them. They don’t have to choose outfits every day, worrying about matching them. Actually, this is not true. These women do care about what image they send to the world, because they know that is the first impression we all give out to the people around us. That is exactly why they choose to wear all black. Although someone would expect them to always look the same, they somehow manage to always look different. This is because any black outfit can always be moderated and modified by different accessories. Women who always wear black know this is the look that gives them the opportunity to transform their looks from chic to sexy or to elegant in a matter of minutes.

But, in the same time, they are very well aware that there are far more important things in life than clothes, so they refuse to waste their time and energy on picking the right outfit.

Being themselves is of crucial importance for these women. They use every opportunity they get for self-expression and the way they dress is one of the ways to make a statement. Therefore, outfits these women wear are timeless and always in trend. They don’t follow the crowd in any life aspect, so they never follow the trends blindly, although they are always fashionable. They don’t care if something is modern at the time, their only criteria are if they like something or not. And this tells you a lot about their personalities and character. The same way they will never change their outfits just to fit the society, they won’t change themselves just to please anyone. This doesn’t mean these women are not ready to compromise- it just means they know their value and that they know what they need and want from life. The entire fashion industry cannot manipulate this woman into wearing something she doesn’t want to wear, so it is foolish to think that one man could change the essence of her being.

These women don’t care if you like them or not. They don’t sit around, waiting for anyone’s approval. If they think what they are doing is right, that is all they need to be satisfied. They will never act like they are something they are not just to get your appreciation or affection. Instead, they will always stay true to themselves. If anyone tries to change this type of woman, they shouldn’t bother, because that is impossible. This doesn’t mean that these women are stubborn or not ready for improvement. They will change some things about themselves if they think they should, not for anyone else.

Therefore, these women rely only on themselves. This doesn’t mean they are always single or that they don’t have friends. It only means that they don’t have to necessarily have anyone in their life to make them complete. But, they won’t put up with anyone’s bullshit, because they don’t need anyone to be happy with their lives. If this woman has let you in, you have a place in her life because she wants you to be there, not because she couldn’t stand living without you. So, the moment you start mistreating her or taking her for granted, she will walk away.

All of this makes these women independent and brave. But, in a male-dominated world, that usually means intimidating and fierce. A woman wearing all black is always elegant and graceful, but intimidating at the same time. You may not realize why, but she is simply making a statement with wearing all black. She doesn’t need to wear colours or floral patterns just so she could show her feminine side or so people could perceive her as fun to be around.

Instead, she chooses to create an air of mystery around her. She chooses to show her strength and power and she enjoys when people don’t know what to expect from her.

Yes, people, especially men, are usually intimidated by these women, but at the same time, they never fail to respect them. If you wear all black, you look more confident, even if you don’t feel that way. Simply, people will perceive you as more successful, confident and attractive. You may not think that way of yourself in the beginning, but once you see how people treat you with respect and admiration, that will seriously boost your self-esteem. After a while, you’ll start to perceive yourself the same way and you’ll see your true worth.

You may think that a colour of your outfit can never be so relevant that it can affect your entire life and personality, but trust me- it can.

I know, because it helped me become a woman I am today. And I’ve definitely become a woman you should never mess with.

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