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This Is How We Fell Apart


Why do we fall apart?

There are a few reasons why people fall out of love. It is often because they don’t communicate with each other anymore. The couple talk becomes less and less frequent. And when there is a lack of communication, there is a lack of love.

Partners stop paying attention to each other. And at some point you start to feel invisible. They take each other for granted and eventually they stop being intimate. Intimacy is what makes a couple alive. If there is no accomplice moments, you can openly say that the relationship is dead from the inside.

Also, mutual attraction is very important—if you are no longer attracted to your partner, then the love is gone. As long as you love them romantically, you will always feel attracted to them.

When you’re in love with someone, all of their flaws don’t bother you. But when the passion you experience at the beginning of the relationship evaporates and the truth about the both of you comes to the surface, things become complicated. And sometimes you can’t stand the true person you’re involved with. The more you start to truly know your partner, the more he starts to irritate you. Don’t get to that point and react before it is too late.

We fall apart because we stop having fun together. Date nights are history. You can’t even remember the last time you went out and had fun with your partner. The two of you don’t have anything in common anymore.

If you don’t want to fall apart, try to remember why you fell in love with your partner and revisit those parts of the relationship.

Let the past be the past. You can’t constantly talk about it with your partner. The more you hold on to your respective previous relationships, the more you are moving backwards. Try to forgive and move on. If you keep bringing the past up over and over again, how can you build a future? You can’t live a healthy relationship if you’re still in the past.

The both of you stopped being honest to each other. Secrets don’t belong in a relationship. Honesty is a fundamental part of a relationship, it is as important as love. If you are dishonest towards your partner, you can’t expect a healthy relationship.

Some people can’t accept the fact that you won’t always agree with your partner. Compromise is the ultimate solution. But some couples just can’t compromise. You need to give as much as you’ve been given. Both sides have feelings, and we tend to forget that.

It is not always about what you want, you need to start thinking about the other’s wishes if you don’t want to fall apart. You can’t be selfish in love.

A healthy relationship demands a lot of work and dedication. You can’t just start a relationship and expect it to be perfect. Love needs time and strong foundations. Don’t mistake lust for love. We all once experience the effects of lust. Lust doesn’t last while love does. Only love matters.

The beginning of a relationship is what’s defining it.

Also, some love isn’t meant to last. It comes into our lives to teach us some lessons. But the real question is: are we letting our relationships fall out of love just because we are not ready to put some effort in it? Or we simply don’t want to?

Are we the only one who can destroy our relationships or is there an inner strength defining our destiny? Do we end up with ones we are supposed to? Or is it up to us to find our soulmate?

Like I wrote, you can’t expect to walk into a perfect relationship. Always do your best. Don’t let simple things destroy the intimacy you have with someone. If you love someone, do everything in your power to entertain the flame between you.

Nowadays it is very hard to find love, so when you find it… don’t let it die just because you are lazy or you don’t want to invest yourself in it.

What would we be without love? After all, it is what keeps us alive. Only love.

This Is How We Fell Apart