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I’m Learning How To Be Single…

how to be single
Written by Nela Baricevic

I must be honest with you, it is just so hard for me to be single. Especially, now when I’m surrounded by family and friends that are getting married. I feel so lonely, but I could never go back because I know it won’t work. Apart from that, I still believe that each day is a gift, so I’m trying to collect pieces of my broken heart so I can really move on. Through each day I’m trying to find something that will cheer me up, bring a smile on my face and make me forget the emotional pain that I’m going through. Yeah, breakups can be a real disaster, but that just means that at the same time breakups can be a huge and important lesson.

As I admitted that I just don’t know how to be single, I’ll try to explain how I’m learning it. It’s not the fact that I’m alone, it’s the fact that I feel completely lonely. And what is sadder than constantly feeling of loneliness? I don’t know. From this point, I just don’t know what is sadder than feeling like you’re alone on this planet and that you don’t belong to anyone but yourself.

Belonging is the key. It’s one of the main reasons why people tend to stay in a relationship that doesn’t work so well. Once, that was my choice too. But, after all, there are some mistakes which you can’t erase and you know you must go on. Move forward. So you do it and as a result, you find yourself all alone.

Days pass by. I haven’t seen him about three months. First few days were nothing but tears and regret. But I must admit that now is different at some point. I catch myself smiling because of some funny video last night and that was really the first moment from which I knew that I’ll be alright.

So, if you feel lonely too while you’re reading this, try to follow these simple tricks in order to get better.

First of all, take the time to know and to love yourself. Then, go out and meet people. Make some new friends. It will power you up, and you’ll get the confidence that you desperately need. And when you have nobody beside you, don’t feel bad for yourself. Think about all books you want to read, all video games you want to play, all movies that you want to see… To be honest, the last one was easiest for me. Since I love reading, I’m enjoying the time I have to get in different stories, to live through them at least for a few days. It may seem like I’m escaping the reality, but even if it’s the truth – what’s wrong with it?

It’s obvious that finding a partner and building that kind of life it something that is expected as you grow old. And that expatiation is the reason why some people can feel seriously bad if they don’t have that. I have always been the kind of girl that was enjoying being in a relationship. I was dreaming about my family from an early age. So when we broke up, I was going through double disappointment.

But now, each day I’m happier, and I finally realize that I’m the only one that is responsible for my own happiness. As you are for yours, of course. So after all, you must learn how to be single, you must find a way to get over it so that you can fall in love again. One day. For someone new.


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