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This Is Why Narcissists Can’t Maintain Intimate Relationships


We all have had to deal with a narcissist in our lifetime. And we all asked ourselves why is it that a narcissist can’t maintain an intimate relationship. Narcissistic people always need to be superior to others. They must be the center of everything.

Narcissists can have relationships, in fact, they need to be in a relationship. They need it because they always try to find someone who is going to feed their ego. But being in an intimate relationship requires pure love, and a narcissist can’t provide that to the other half.

They have no trust for others. A narcissist only trusts themselves and nobody else. An intimate relationship is based on love and trust. So when it comes to a serious relationship, a narcissist will tend to have an emotional blockade.

While in a relationship with a narcissist, there is no us, only him. Everything is about him. But that’s not how an intimate relationship works. It cannot be one-sided. It’s 50/50 or nothing.

An intimate relationship should be pure which is impossible with a narcissist. They are manipulative. A narcissist will do anything in his power just to get what he wants. This includes manipulating you. At some point the other half will get tired of being manipulated and will leave.

Narcissistic people can manipulate you by lying to you. Making you believe that you wrong and they’re right. How are you supposed to be intimate with someone who constantly manipulates and lies?

The only emotions that matter are their emotions. They don’t care if they’re hurting you by getting what they want from you. It is well known that narcissistic people have a lack of empathy.

Plus, the more relationships they have, the more confident they feel. To them, it means that they are attractive people. And that is exactly what they adore.

They will always want to dominate, and when they achieve their goal, the relationship they’re in stops being interesting. The lack of interest is one of the main reasons why they can’t maintain an intimate relationship.

Narcissistic people tend to also be abusive. They can’t accept no for an answer and they have an explosive temperament.

The abuse they’re using can be physical, emotional, or even mental. And at some point, the people sharing their life with them will decide that enough is enough.

In my opinion, there isn’t a lot of hope for a relationship with a narcissist. Unless you are willing to give up on yourself and focus on his ego. Which is a terrible idea, by the way.

They don’t have the need to fulfill the wishes of their partners, nor do they feel happy by doing it. Because the only thing that matters is their wishes.

You need to be aware that a narcissist can’t help himself. It is a mental illness that needs to be treated.

They will always have the feeling that you are jealous of them. Also, they think that they are better than you will ever be. So, maybe a narcissist can maintain an intimate relationship, but in this case, the real question is whether a mentally healthy person can maintain an intimate relationship with a narcissist.

To a narcissist, their physical look is very important. How are you supposed to have sex with a person who is obsessed with their appearance? It can’t be good sex because sex is about giving to each other, not only to one part.

Don’t expect a pure and sincere love from a narcissistic person. It’s just not in their nature. This is a fact and you can’t change it unless the person is willing to get treatment.

Narcissistic people are ill and they need therapy, it is not their fault. But you can’t lose yourself because of the love you have for your narcissistic partner. The only thing you can do is help them, but always remember that you can’t change a person unless they want to change on their own. It has to come from them if you want to see any results.

Because, after all, we are all humans and we all need love in our lives. So do narcissistic people. They are humans like the rest of us.

This Is Why Narcissists Can’t Maintain Intimate Relationships